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Will Shortz's Favorite Crossword Puzzles

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Shortz's Faves

Will Shortz's Favorite Crossword Puzzles

The Bottom Line

A great assortment of puzzles, attractively packaged, which will make a nice gift for all puzzle fans regardless of ability.
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  • Something for everyone from novice to pro.
  • Shortz's personal comments introduce each puzzle
  • Large easy to read format.


  • Spiral binding would be an improvement.
  • Somewhat pricey at US$10.00


  • The best of the best as chosen by a great enigmatologist.
  • Varying difficulty from easy to brain crushing.
  • The introduction provides a fascinating view of what an editor looks for in a crossword puzzle.
  • Recommended.

Guide Review - Will Shortz's Favorite Crossword Puzzles

Mr. Shortz has edited thousands of crossword puzzles during his years as puzzle editor of The New York Times. It must have been a real challenge to pick seventy-five of those puzzles as favorites. Shortz's introduction to this collection is an interesting read especially for those who were not aware that basic rules must be followed by the constructor in order for the crossword puzzle to be even considered for publication. My only quibbles are with the packaging and not the contents. A spiral binding would allow the book to lie flat when solving and the glossy cover must account for some of the $10.00 price tag ($15.00 Canadian). Still, it's a worthwhile purchase and the editor's comments are a wonderful added bonus.
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