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Casual Crossword Puzzle Book - Easy Crossword Puzzles

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Casual Crosswords

Casual Crosswords

Random House Publications

The Bottom Line

Definitely an all-star cast of constructors orchestrated by an editor with over 30 years in the puzzle biz. How can you go wrong? Highly recommended for the novice or 'casual' solver.
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  • Easy, but entertaining puzzles
  • No tricks, gimmicks or crosswordese
  • Includes hints to teach people how to be better solvers


  • There's only 50 puzzles so you'll have to buy Vol. II


  • 50 all-new, easy , but entertaining, puzzles
  • Spiral binding for 'lay flat' solving
  • Large format (81/2" x 11" approx.)

Guide Review - Casual Crossword Puzzle Book - Easy Crossword Puzzles

The editor of this collection of puzzles, Mel Rosen, commissioned 50 crosswords that are solvable with just a pencil. No chunky erasers or reference books are needed. According to the publishers, this book is for "the thousands of fledgling solvers and casual crossword fans who are disappointed and frustrated by the supposedly easy puzzle books on the market. These puzzles are edited to make sure they’re free of the tricks, gimmicks and 'crosswordese' that often turn off beginners. And they include plenty of special hints to make them truly solver-friendly."
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