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Product Summary
Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer

Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer on CD-ROM
Guide Rating -  
Pros  • Over 1 million words with clues
• The eqivalent of 6,000 printed pages
• Great tool for solvers and creators
Cons  • Contains a number of factual errors
• Database can't be updated
The Bottom Line - Despite several factual errors, this is a great addition to the cruciverbalist's reference library.

Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer
Product Description
• Over 1000 pages of geographical reference material from Aachen to Zanzibar.
• Cross referenced with easy word and clue search or browse. Allows wild card searches.
• Includes almanac material such as Nobel prizes, academy awards, Shakespearean characters, etc.
Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer
Guide Review
Crossword solvers and creators can never have too many reference books at hand. With the coming of the digital age, it's even easier to have a comprehensive library of reference material and it's accessible with the click of a mouse button. The database is divided into two parts; a gazetteer which lists geographic locations and a dictionary which lists words up to 15 letters in length. But it's much better than an ordinary dictionary because it also lists famous names, landmarks, mythological beings, deities, etc. Also, many entries include possible clues taken from actual crosswords. And all 6,000 pages are only a mouse click away. A powerful tool for stumped solvers and wannabe constructors.
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Crossworders' Dictionary & Gazetteer
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