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The Friday Crossword

The crossword puzzle may take a few moments to load. Once the crossword puzzle appears (in the gray Java window below), please click on the 'Master' (M) or 'Regular' (R) button to begin. In 'Regular' mode, incorrect entries will appear in red and you may reveal letters and/or solution words using the 'Solve' buttons above or below the puzzle grid. The solve buttons are not active in 'Master' mode and incorrect letters are not highlighted. At any time, you may click the 'Help' button (?) for complete playing instructions. To return to the crossword puzzle, simply click anywhere in the Help window. Happy puzzling!

If you prefer to print this puzzle, please go here: Print-friendly version.

Tip: If ads are flashing, you can minimize their annoyance by hitting 'Stop' in the upper horizontal menu of your browser (once the puzzle is fully loaded). Some ads may 'ignore' the 'Stop' button. In that case, resize your browser window to frame only the puzzle and eliminate the ads. If you don't see the updated puzzle, please clear your browser's cache and refresh the page.

Free Monday New York Times Crossword Puzzles
Enjoy these easy Monday New York Times crossword puzzles. If you're familiar with the crosswords published by the New York Times, you'll know that the level of difficulty increases as the week goes on, with Monday's crossword being the easiest of all.

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