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Christams is a wonderful time of the year. The magic and wonder of this holiday is especially reflected in the eyes of children duringthis festive season

Puzzles and games are not only entertianing but play an important part in a child's developement

While some puzzle help with eye-hand coordination, others with strategy and problem-solving, these spot-the-difference puzzles teach concentration and attention to detail.

Encourage your kids to play mechanical puzzles and other hands-on puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles, as well as these on screen puzzles.


Christmas Spot the Difference Game
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Game courtesy of Pixeltoys.com

Free Spot the Difference Puzzles
See how observant you are by finding the differences between the two images.

Hidden Picture Puzzles
Free interactive and printable puzzles to test your observation skills. Can you find all the objects hidden in the picture?

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