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Caterpillar Puzzle

The caterpillar has a voracious appetite. Help the caterpillar find the apples. You've got to be quick or it's game over! Use the Arrow keys to control the caterpillar. Be careful though. Turning the caterpillar back on itself will end the game. In other words, you cannot hit the 'Up' key and the 'Down' key in succession (or the 'Left' and 'Right' key). Click once in the playing area to activate the game then press the 'Space' bar to start new games. Good luck!

Scramble Squares

Scramble Squares have only nine colorfully illustrated square pieces, but the number of possible combinations in a 3 piece x 3 piece pattern is enormous with only one possible solution! Over 120 styles of colorful, original art on nature, sports, history, culture, geography, science, technology, occupations, gourmet, fantasy, hobbies and activities with more being added all the time. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

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