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Rush Hour Strategy Puzzle

You're stuck in traffic but there is a way out. Can you find it? Use your mouse (left button click and drag) to move vehicles. Select difficulty level from drop down menu box. If you're stumped, reselecting level will reset the game. See if you can complete all twelve levels. Good luck!

Applet by Karsten Mandrup Nielsen).

The Puzzle Bookstore

If you're shopping for puzzle books, then you've come to the right place. At The Puzzle Bookstore, you'll find easy crosswords for those new to puzzle solving, challenging crossword puzzles for more experienced solvers, cryptic crosswords, themed crosswords, fun and crazy crosswords for kids, logic and lateral thinking puzzles, math puzzles, sudoku, kakuro, word searches - in short - everything the serious puzzler needs to placate his proclivity for puzzles.

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