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Tangrams - Strategy Puzzle

Tangram puzzles sound simple enough. Just arrange the seven geometric shapes (Tans) so that they match the different figures. And, indeed, some of these tangram puzzles are very simple to solve. However, other figures can be frustratingly elusive. That's why these puzzles have such a broad appeal and are suitable for young children as well as adults. Complete the puzzle by moving and rotating the seven shapes.

As Randy at Tangrams.ca points out on his excellent site, "The figures spark visually inclined people through their form, liveliness and striking simplicity. Many of the designs are adaptable to quilting, appliqué and many other artistic or craft projects. Storytellers can weave a tale with many characters and objects using only the seven tans." According to Wikipedia, the word "tangram" has no meaning in Chinese. The English word is built from TANG + GRAM. In the Cantonese dialect, Tang (唐) is a synonym for "Chinese".

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