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The F-Word

Online vocabulary quiz

There's more to the f-word than insulting the guy who just cut you off in traffic. Take this quiz and see if your vocabulary is faint, fair, or formidable.

Click the radio button next to what you think is the correct definition. Click the 'Get Score' button below to reveal the answers and see how you did.

1. Facile
a. Having an artificial or deceptive front.
b. An exact copy or reproduction.
c. Tamed, or in a docile state.
d. Done with little effort or difficulty.

2. Fastidious
a. Moving quickly and efficiently.
b. Displaying careful attention to detail.
c. Abstaining from eating.
d. Being firmly fixed or fastened.

a. Containing solidified animal or vegetable oil.
b. Obesity; corpulence.
c. Inspired with unreasoning love or attachment.
d. Ridiculous; smugly foolish.

4. Fettle
a. Proper or sound condition.
b. Courage and fortitude; spirit.
c. One of various stinging plants.
d. A chain or shackle for the ankles.

5. Filch
a. A small paint brush.
b. To tell on; betray.
c. To steal or take in a furtive manner.
d. Debris which collects in an irrigation ditch.

6. Florid
a. Hot; sweltering.
b. In a watery state; liquid.
c. Very ornate; flowery.
d. Any of several gold coins formerly used in Europe.

7. Folly
a. A lack of good sense or understanding.
b. A large sheet of paper.
c. A shrub having glossy, evergreen leaves.
d. A young female horse.

8. Fulsome
a. Healthily plump and ample of figure.
b. Promoting the growth of; inciting.
c. Being full of things; abounding.
d. Offensively flattering or insincere.

9. Funicular
a. Operated or moved by a cable.
b. A sombre dance performed at certain funerals.
c. Pertaining to playful, often noisy, activity.
d. The lower wing segment of a moth.

10. Furlong
a. A leave of absence or vacation.
b. A tuft of hair on the leg of a horse.
c. The cord which secures a flag to a mast.
d. A measure of distance.

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The correct answers are:

Your Ranking:

0%: Let me introduce you to Mr. Webster.
10-30%: Your dictionary is dusty.
40-60%: You read more than the daily news.
70-90%: An aspiring wordsmith!
100%: How many lexicons do you own?

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