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The Cryptographic Challenge
Can you decode the message?

Be the first to crack the code and discover the whereabouts of the hidden treasure.

For increased difficulty, there are no spaces between words.

Once you've decoded the message, it will reveal a secret hiding place.

"Good luck! Now get cracking!"

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Encoded Message (55K)

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I'm Stumped!> Need A Hint?

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The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography
Simon Singh has not only written a fascinating book, he has done it in a way which willengage even those readers who imagine themselves not even mildly interested in the subject.

Puzzlers At War!
How Puzzle Solvers Helped Turn The Tide In World War II
You are at war and your survival depends on a supply-line that is constantlydisrupted by the enemy. Who you gonna call? Puzzle solvers, that's who!

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