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Dateline: 03/05/99
"The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet."
- Cyril Connolly

(MARCH '99)
by Will DaBeed

Millennium Bug Beware! There is a bug lurking in the puzzle below. Certain clue enumerations will alert you to the problem. Can you figure it out?

If you want to comment on this puzzle, please post to Dave's bulletin board or email me directly: dabeed@writeme.com.

To fully enjoy the puzzle, print the grid and clues and solve at your leisure.

AcrossLite Version
March '99 Puzzle
1. Surfers want them by the second even though they sound like fatal mouthfuls (10?)
6. Understand he's a doll (4?)
8. Gee! A country that could be full of tears (5)
9. It's stew. It's prepared for the most gyrating of dancers (like Chubby Checker) (9)
12. Country bird (7?)
13. Praise for the departed Continental group is sluggish. (6)
14. One with a lisp calls a young girl for yarn (4)
16. Exercise options for shoe co. restructuring (6)
17. Runoff at the mouth when Doc takes the game back (5)
18. ABC followers scrap the work done by a geek on a sloppy disk (6)
20. Red's link to the Mediterranean, the boss of the pantheon, does an about-face (4)
22. It has a long arm to redistribute the wealth (3,3)
23. Reduce the task force. That's an order! (4,3?)
25. Less scary, dreadful hanky-panky (3,6)
27. Fishermen don't like them putting bait in empty seas (5)
28. Sign when red means a loss (4?)
29. Locker rooms for typists (10?)
2. It's very awkward to take a flying leap in Kentucky (7?)
3. Pylon erector comes across a hermit (5)
4. Still as an eyeless abominable snowman (3)
5. The big problem is getting accordionist Kushner to stop where you get timely info (6,6?)
6. Wet blankets take the life out of simple pleasures (9?)
7. Sensing somehow they'll be flapping in the wind (7)
10. You may well ask yourself this. Who's bug is it anyway? (3,3,5?)
11. Inelegant patch job is being done for the year 2000 (7,5?)
15. Rocky gets a chance to do certain sad stories (4,5?)
19. A rank clone he's monstrous (7)
21. Upset when grenade exploded (7)
24. Peter and Henry I of France outmaneuvered numerous Dutch armies (5)
26. Insufficient recoil (3)
© Will DaBeed March 1999

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Until next time, HAPPY PUZZLING!
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