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Dateline: 04/20/98
"It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time." - Tallulah Bankhead

by Will DaBeed

Please note that in this puzzle, the enumerations do not reflect multi-word entries. Answers are enumerated as the total number of letters (#), and are not broken down into individual words, e.g.(#,#). However, multi-word entries are indicated by an asterisk *. This makes the task of the solver more challenging but I think the added difficulty is offset by the bonus clue.

To fully enjoy the puzzle, print the grid and clues and solve at your leisure.

April Puzzle

Bonus Clue: Shaded outer squares and center square will spell out title and author.

7. Lanced boils produce a burning sensation (6)
8. Tornado destroyed foundation supporter (7)
10. Adjust her's to those (6)
12. Used a mop to clean up surfer's bit of foam (8)
13. He can sell can't he, Mr. Perfect (8)
17. Lack weaving thread (6)
20. Vocally opposed to entry fee (4)
21. Time to lift a stick up (5)
22. Heads of state offered boiled Asian pasta (4)
23. Mischievous one allowed to hang around a constant drinker that likes it on the rocks (6)
24. Drive recklessly for a short distance and take a gander round (8)
26. Witnessed pecadillo. OK'ed on-the-spot capture (8)*
29. Tenpin tackler comes back to make a mint (6)
32. Lennon's Karma coffee (7)
33. I hear mango tea puts hair on your chin (6)

© Will DaBeed 1998

1. Primarily Konigsberg's arguer, neumona transfixed! (4)
2. Lied about not working (4)
3. Elliot's suffix? (4)
4. Rose went out with a member of the opposite sex and stayed informed (10)*
5. State animal shed (4)
6. Not much left after I rear end a Toyota (4)
9. Transmit here ensuring full presentation of bits and pieces (11)
11. She called Ben (3)
14. Teen nuisance is partly due to boredom (5)
15. Cassandra's opening look turns back a repulsive person (5)
16. Classy one with a brush cut and stutter (10)*
18. Minister loses head firing things up (5)
19. Put forth a bill before the French (5)
25. One arm throttle (3)
27. The pigs make such a noise when the pen is dry (4)
28. Clouseau's houseboy appears quick at origami (4)
29. This pen is a hundred years old (4)
30. Let a swimming duck (4)
31. Viceroy is a show-off who takes the cake for decorations (4)

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