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For each of the following words, click the radio button next to what you think is the correct definition. Then click the 'Get Score' button below to reveal the answers and see how you did.
1. Baluster
a. Dock worker who prepares ships for loading.
b. A loud, boastful speech.
c. The upright support of a handrail.
d. Court officer who oversees the jury.

2. Jounce
a. Medieval contest involving horsemen with lances.
b. To rip off; swindle.
c. To move jerkily.
d. A unit of electrical energy.

a. Meek and retiring.
b. Having a gentle glow; luminous.
c. Beverage made from warm milk and honey.
d. Showing remorse; regretful.

4. Munificent
a. Displaying great generosity.
b. Relating to weapons and ammunition.
c. Concerning local government.
d. Outstanding; superlative.

5. Nefarious
a. Pertaining to the ancient rulers of Egypt.
b. Having a green jade-like lustre.
c. Of or for the kidneys.
d. Infamous; wicked.

6. Palpable
a. Readily perceived; obvious.
b. Easily manipulated.
c. Inflatable (as a bellows).
d. Friendly; personable.

7. Pulchritude
a. Stubbornness; uncooperativeness.
b. A vast number of people; a huge gathering
c. Turned upside down; standing on one's head.
d. Great physical beauty.

8. Recumbent
a. One currently in office
b. Resting; idle
c. Mixed back together (as a chemical compound).
d. Clumsy; disruptive.

9. Threnody
a. High-paying useless job awarded to a crony.
b. A stage play having three short acts.
c. A song of mourning; lamentation.
d. The small tab used to open and close a zipper.

10. Winsome
a. Charming in a naive, childlike way.
b. Successful, especially at games of chance.
c. Nostalgic; melancholy.
d. Having gusty weather as on a beach or mountain top.

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0%: Let me introduce you to Mr. Webster.
10-30%: Your dictionary is dusty.
40-60%: You read more than the daily news.
70-90%: An aspiring wordsmith!
100%: How many lexicons do you own?

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