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Optical Illusions and Other Neat Stuff

Here's a collection of optical illusions and other neat stuff. Some of the images are not what they first appear to be while others are impossibilities which, initially, may seem possible. A few of these optical illusions will seem to vibrate or rotate and others will bend, skew or change color. And it's all just your eyes playing tricks on your mind...

There are different types of illusions which are usually grouped into three main categories: Physiological Illusions, Pathological visual Illusions and Cognitive Illusions.

Physiological illusions are those such as after images which occur after staring at a bright light source and then looking away. Also, being unable to differentiate between subtle color changes or see no color shift when there is one.

Pathological visual Illusions include halos around objects or pulsing/flashing/moving objects which are actually stationary.

Cognitive Illusions include impossible shapes or constructions such as an Escher staircase upon which one seems to endlessly ascend/descend while staying in the same place.

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image or tour the gallery.

Abuelo y Abuela Leonardo da Vinci / Man on a Burro St. George the Dragon Slayer Don Quixote/Windmill Mona Lisa's Menagerie
The Mystery Hole Skewed Checker Board Wavy Lines? Vibrating Porthole Spiralling Vortex
Fantasy Blockade Rotation, Rotation, Rotation Fleeting Florence Moving Polka Dots Focus, Please!
Seasick Square Mis-Direction Crazy Crate Spinning Wheels Puzzling Pachyderm
Holy Ghost From Bridge To Brig Daffy Doughnut Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Monk Mountain
Optical Illusions Slippery Slope Young Woman / Old Witch Column Conundrum Blinking Buttons
Loonie Logs The Eye Of The Storm The Missing Princess

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