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Will Dabeed's Cryptic Crosswords

Check out our gallery of cryptic crossword puzzles by the enigmatic Will Dabeed. An About Puzzles exclusive!

Yuletide Crossword by Will DaBeed
A seasonal cryptic crossword from one of Santa's favorite puzzle creators.

New Year's Crossword by Will DaBeed
Ring out the old and ring in the new with this themed cryptic crossword.

Will DaBeed's January Cryptic
An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it?

Will DaBeed's February Cryptic
A cryptic crossword with a hearty theme.

Will DaBeed's March Cryptic
A charming puzzle with a green theme.

Will DaBeed's April Cryptic
A great cryptic with an entertaining extra. Can you solve the bonus clue?

WMW? Cryptic Crossword
Don't miss Will DaBeed's May cryptic. There are clues everywhere?!? Hint: Scrutinize the graphic.

June Crossword By Will DaBeed
Can you solve the bonus clue in this entertaining cryptic puzzle?

Will DaBeed's Cryptic Crossword #1
Can you solve the bonus clue?

Will DaBeed's June Crossword
This puzzle contains a timely message. Can you decipher it?

Will DaBeed's July Crossword
Try and solve this cryptic crossword with its devilishly devious clues.

Will DaBeed's Cryptic Crossword #2
Another cryptic with a bonus clue exclusively yours here at The About.com.

July Crossword by Will DaBeed
Name the film and the actor in this month's puzzle by Will DaBeed.

August Crossword by Will DaBeed
Name the film and the actor in this month's puzzle by Will DaBeed.

September Cryptic by Will Dabeed
See if you can find the hidden answers to the bonus clues in Will's cryptic crossword.

Will DaBeed's Cryptic Challenge #3
Another cryptic challenge from one of my favorite constructors.

Will DaBeed's September Crossword
"In The Mood" - A themed cryptic crossword exclusive to this site.

Will DaBeed's October Cryptic
The October edition of the cryptic crossword that appears exclusively on this site.

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