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Word Puzzles and Games - Puns - Riddles - Anagrams - Scrabble
Then you're sure to enjoy these word puzzles and games: riddles, anagrams, tongue-twisters, palindromes, puns, pyramid puzzles, scrambled-letter games, ...
Word Scramble Games - Fun With Anagrams - Puzzles - About.com
See if you can unscramble the letters to make a word related to the puzzle theme. Anagram fun for all ages.
Scrambled Proverbs - anagrams - scramble word
Can you unscramble the words to make an English proverb? Java.
Anagram: Definition and Examples of Anagrams in English
"My name is only an anagram of toilets." (T.S. Eliot); Monty Python's Man Who Talks in Anagrams Presenter: Hello, good evening and welcome to another edition ...
George W. Bush Anagrams - Funny Bush Jokes - Political Humor
Read a series of funny phrases formed by rearranging the letters of George W. Bush.
Political Joke Archives - Osama bin Laden Anagrams - Political Humor
Top Anagrams for Osama Bin Laden. 21. Sane Oilman Bad 20. I bona leadsman 19. Nasal Nomad Be I 18. Be a Slain Nomad 17. A bend lama son 16. Albania's ...
The Anagram Genius Server - Wordplay - Web Humor - About.com
The Anagram Genius Server is automatic wordplay fun -- rearrange letters to form new words instantly.
Puzzle Power (Part 2) - Puzzles - About.com
Puzzle Power allows you to enter the letters onscreen or print for paper and pen solving. There is the option of including a clue for each anagram solution but in ...
Bible Word Scrambles, Quizzes and Memory Games for Kids - Puzzles
These themed anagram games are a fun pastime for children at the elementary school level. Unless indicated otherwise, these games are for printing and ...
Scrambled Proverbs - Part 2 - anagrams - scramble word - Puzzles
Can you unscramble the words to make an English proverb? Java.
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