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Crossword Puzzle Markets - Where to Sell Crossword Puzzles
You've created a brilliant crossword puzzle and you want to get it published. Now what? You could give it to your community newspaper or maybe a local club's ...
How To Create A Themed Crossword Puzzle - Part 1 - Getting Started
This step-by-step tutorial on crossword construction will help you create a 15x15, themed, American-style crossword puzzle, but before we start there are some ...
Creating Puzzles - How to Create a Puzzle - Tips and Tricks
This is the second part of a step-by-step tutorial on crossword construction to help you create a 15x15, themed, American-style crossword puzzle. This part of the ...
Brief History of Crossword Puzzles
The first known published crossword puzzle was created by a journalist named Arthur Wynne from Liverpool, and he is usually credited as the inventor of the ...
Crossword Puzzle Software - Create Crossword Puzzles - About.com
Want to create your own crossword puzzles? Which crossword puzzle creator best suits your needs? For answers to these and other questions about making ...
Puzzle Makers - Creating and Selling Puzzles: How-Tos and Tutorials
Today's crossword construction software makes constructing your own puzzles a snap. These resources will give you an overview of the top puzzle making ...
Crossword Puzzle Grid Library - blank crossword grids for constructors
Blank grids of various dimensions for crossword puzzle constructors. From Dave Fisher ... About Puzzles Crossword Grid Library ... creating crossword puzzles.
Crossword Submission Guidelines - The New York Times - Puzzles
The New York Times crossword puzzle submission outline. Current as of ... Grid Lock: Crossword Puzzles and the Mad Geniuses Who Create Them. Related ...
Crossword Puzzles to Print and Play Online - About.com
Hundreds of free crossword puzzles for all ages and levels of ability. ... Matt Gaffney creates metapuzzles which are cossword puzzles with an added challenge.
Online Word Lists For Crossword Construction - Puzzles - About.com
An index of word lists for crossword constructors. Where to find online word lists for creating crossword puzzles. Page 2.
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