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Creating Puzzles - How to Create a Puzzle - Tips and Tricks
3 Subcategories in Creating Puzzles - How to Create a Puzzle - Tips and Tricks ... An introduction to solving diagramless crosswords with a puzzle by Patrick ...
Puzzle Makers - Creating and Selling Puzzles: How-Tos and Tutorials
This section is for those who'd like to take a shot at creating their own puzzles, whether it be to sell, to give as a gift, to use in class or just for fun.
Puzzle Making Software - Crosswords - Word Search Generators
Today's crossword construction software makes constructing your own puzzles a snap. Your Puzzle Guide reviews the top puzzle making software. Also, Word ...
Merl Reagle - Crossword Puzzle Creator - John Grossman ... - Puzzles
He's one of a handful of constructors able to make a living solely by creating crosswords. No small challenge, considering that the prestigious New York Times ...
Crossword Submission Guidelines - The New York Times - Puzzles
The New York Times looks for intelligent, literate, entertaining and well-crafted crosswords that appeal to the broad range of Times solvers. Editor: Will Shortz.
Free Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku, and More - About.com
Crossword Puzzles · Creating Puzzles - How to Create a Puzzle - Tips and Tricks ... Free crosswords, word searches, brain teasers, hidden picture puzzles and ...
Crossword Puzzle Markets - Where to Sell Crossword Puzzles
Where to Find Free Crossword Puzzles Online · Standard Crosswords - American Style Crosswords · How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles Tutorial - © Dave Fisher.
Cryptic Crosswords - Shop Online for Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Books
An introduction to the world of cryptic crosswords including a collection of Cox ... on how to solve cryptic crosswords, as well as helpful hints for creating them.
How To Create A Themed Crossword Puzzle - Part 1 - Getting Started
... Home · Puzzles . . . Crossword Puzzles · Creating Puzzles - How to Create a Puzzle - Tips and Tricks .... Standard Crosswords - American Style Crosswords.
Puzzle Power (Part 1) - Crosswords/Puzzles - 11/29/99 - About.com
word search puzzles · creating puzzles · puzzle software ... Building standard ( North American style) crosswords with Puzzle Power exposes some of the ...
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