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Palindromes- Palindrome Puzzles - Palindrome History - About.com
Palindromes - Palindrome Puzzles. A palindrome is a series of letters or numbers that reads the same backwards or forwards, such the 'A man, a plan, a canal, ...
Palindromes - Puzzles - About.com
'Madam, I'm Adam' is one of the best known palindromes but Eden's Adam never uttered it to his palindromic Eve (I have this from a very reliable source).
Palindromes - Part Two - Puzzles - About.com
... it does forwards. This article examines common and less familiar palindromes, the longest palindromic word as well as other variations on this form of wordplay.
Spanish-Language Palindromes - About.com
For those who like word games, palindromes can be fun in Spanish or English. Palindromes are words, phrases or sentences that use the same letters both ...
Palindrome - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Semordnilaps (the word palindromes in reverse) are words that spell other words ... Aibohphobia is the palindromic term for an irrational fear of palindromes.
What Are Musical Palindromes? - Music Education - About.com
Palindromes may also be a group of numbers or other units that can be sequenced and read similarly in different directions. Common grammatical rules such as ...
Books About Palindromes - Puzzles - About.com
A selection of books featuring palindromes for younger readers, aged 9 to 12.
Todd Solondz Interview on Palindromes and Ellen Barkin
Interview with writer/director Todd Solondz about his movie, Palindromes, starring Ellen Barkin. Todd Solondz discusses Palindromes, the origin of the story , and ...
Word Puzzles and Games - Puns - Riddles - Anagrams - Scrabble
Love to play with words? Then you're sure to enjoy these word puzzles and games: riddles, anagrams, tongue-twisters, palindromes, puns, pyramid puzzles,  ...
Palindromes—Mirrored Letters, Words and Lines - Poetry - About.com
Feb 10, 2014 ... The most tightly constrained palindromes are reversible letter by letter, like the famous apocryphal quote attributed to Napoleon, “Able was I ere ...
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