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Palindromes - Puzzles - About.com
The word 'PALINDROME' comes from the Greek word palindromos, which means 'running back again'. A palindrome is any word, line or even complete poem ...
Books About Palindromes - Puzzles - About.com
Here, you'll find a selection of books featuring palindromes, a form of wordplay in which a word or phrase is identical whether it is read forwards or backwards.
Palindromes- Palindrome Puzzles - Palindrome History - About.com
A palindrome is a series of letters or numbers that reads the same backwards or forwards, such the 'A man, a plan, a canal, Panama'. Historical data ...
Spanish-Language Palindromes - About.com
Here's a look at some Spanish palindromes, words or sentences that are spelled the same backward and forward.
Palindrome - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
A palindrome is a type of word play in which a word, phrase, or sentence reads the same backward or forward.
What Are Musical Palindromes? - Music Education - About.com
A palindrome is a word or group of words that when read, either forward or backward, horizontal or vertical, stays the same. Palindromes may also be a group of ...
Palindromes - Part Two - Puzzles - About.com
What is a palindrome?: As mentioned in Palindromes - Part 1, the word ' PALINDROME' comes from the Greek word palindromos, which means 'running back ...
Palindromes—Mirrored Letters, Words and Lines - Poetry - About.com
Feb 10, 2014 ... English poet Ben Jonson coined the word “palindrome” from the Greek roots palin, meaning “again,” and dromos, meaning “way” or ...
Todd Solondz Interview on Palindromes and Ellen Barkin
Interview with writer/director Todd Solondz about his movie, Palindromes, starring Ellen Barkin. Todd Solondz discusses Palindromes, the origin of the story , and ...
Palindromes Semordnilap Checker - Puzzles - About.com
Palindromes/Semordnilap Checker. Just enter a word or phrase and hit the ' Reverse' button to see if you've got a palindrome or a semordnilap.
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