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Christmas Puzzle Books - Puzzles - About.com
Here's a selection of puzzle books to keep youngsters - and grown-ups - challenged and entertained this holiday season.
Math Puzzle Books - Puzzles - About.com
A selection of books featuring math puzzles and games using various math concepts : polygons, numbers, topology, division, mazes, logic, magic squares, ...
Everything Kids' Puzzle Books - Themed Crosswords and Word ...
Crammed with puzzles, games, and activities, this book is a great way for children to improve their problem-solving skills. Reading level: Ages 9-12. Paperback: ...
Kids' Crossword Books - Puzzles - About.com
Crossword puzzle books for novice puzzlers. Easy clues and themes that will appeal to the younger crowd.
Crossword Puzzle Books from The New York Times - Puzzles
Considered the cleverest, most engaging puzzles of all, The New York Times ... Here's a selection of puzzle books featuring some of the best crosswords ...
Riddle and Puzzle Books - Work-at-Home Moms - About.com
These book represent of a wide selection of riddles, jokes, visual puzzles and brainteasers for kids of all ages. Kids who can't yet read can enjoy some of these  ...
Crossword Puzzle Books - Solve Crossword Puzzles Anytime ...
Need a gift for a crossword fan? These books feature easy crosswords for beginners or ESL students, more challenging crossword puzzles for experienced  ...
Kids' Sudoku - Sudoku Puzzle Books for Children
Now kids can enjoy these addictive Japanese number puzzles just like the grown -ups do! Excellent for trips or long waits, these books will help young solvers ...
I SPY Puzzle Books - Hidden Picture Puzzles - About.com
Apart from the rhyming riddles and colorful pictures, this hidden picture puzzle book has an added bonus: every page has clues that point to the solution of an ...
SuDoku Puzzle Books - Puzzles - About.com
Be it for the novice or the expert, the best in SuDoku puzzle books.
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