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Fall Word Search Puzzles for Kids

The free word puzzles featured here focus on holidays celebrated during the fall season.

Autumn Word Searches
Themes related to sports and activities that are enjoyed throughout the fall season are the focus of these free, easy word search puzzles for children. Play them online or print.

Columbus Day Word Search Puzzles
Free word search puzzles with various themes related to explorer Christopher Columbus and the holiday that bears his name. These hidden word games can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

Halloween Word Search Puzzles
Hey kids! Get ready for some spooky fun! These free word searches featuring witches, monsters, skeletons and other creepy critters will simply drive you batty! Play online or print for classroom solving.

Thanksgiving Word Searches for Kids
Free Thanksgiving word search games using words associated with this family celebration as well as many other games and activities to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

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