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History Trivia Quizzes

Are you a history buff? How well do you know your history? Test your knowledge of historical trivia with these entertaining trivia quiz games packed with facts about historical events from around the world.

Ireland Trivia Quiz
Don't be an eejit. Take a gander at this wee trivia game. It's just the ticket for you to see how many gammy facts you know about Saint Patrick and his adopted country.

Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution Trivia Quiz
Fun facts about the legendary bandido turned revolutionary leader, Pancho Villa.

U.S. Presidents Trivia Quiz
See if you can answer the eleven questions pertaining to the office of the President of the United States, several U.S. Presidents, their accomplishments and their contribution to the history of the nation.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz
Take the Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz and see how much you know about the life and accomplishments of the legendary civil rights advocate.

Inventions and History Quiz
Testing your knowledge about famous inventions and the inventors who dreamed them up by taking these fun Inventors trivia quizzes from About Inventors.

Ancient/Classical History Quiz
These quiz questions focus on famous people from the who's who in Ancient History.

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