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Holiday Trivia Games

Think you know all about the holidays? You can test your holiday knowledge with these fun trivia games full of fun facts about Christmas, Thanksgiving and other major holidays celebrated throughout the year.

Christmas Trivia Quizzes
How much do you know about the twelve days of Christmas? Take these free online Christmas quizzes and see how if you know all these fun facts about the annual Yuletide celebration.

Columbus Day Trivia Quiz
Can you answer the eleven questions about Christopher Columbus and his historic voyages?

Easter Trivia Quiz
Easter was celebrated by the pagans long before it became a Christian day of celebration. See if you can answer the eleven questions pertaining to this ancient celebration of the coming of spring.

Halloween Trivia Quiz
Here's a fun way to test your knowledge of this ghastly celebration. This quiz takes a look at Halloween history, superstitions and lore, as well as variations on how it is celebrated around the world.

Independence Day Trivia Quiz
How much do you know about the 4th of July? Test your knowledge of early American history and see how you score.

Thanksgiving Trivia
How well do you know your Thanksgiving Day history? This interactive trivia game is full of fun facts to test your knowledge of the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Valentine's Day Trivia Quiz
Think you know all there is to know about Valentine's Day? Then see if you can answer the eleven questions about the holiday and the pagan traditions from which it evolved.

Earth Day Quiz
How savvy are you when it comes to Earth Day? It won't cost you the earth to test your thinking with this terrestrial trivia game.

Day of the Dead Quiz
Have fun testing your knowledge about this uniquely Mexican celebration.

New Year Trivia Quiz
See how much you know about how various cultures around the world ring in the New Year.

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