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Acrostic Puzzles - Double Acrostics - Anacrostics

Did you know that acrostics predate Christianity? Find out more about acrostic, double acrostic, anacrostic and other word puzzles.

History of Acrostics - Mystical to Mind-boggling
Did you know that acrostics predate Christianity and a truly amazing acrostic was found during archaeological digs at Pompeii? This article examines the history of the acrostic from ancient Greece to the 16th century.

History of Acrostics - From Poetry to Parlor Games
In the middle of the nineteenth century, there was a flood of acrostic books published praising kings and conquerors. Since then, acrostic puzzles have evolved into double acrostics and triple acrostics. Find out more about the recent history of these fascinating word games.

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American Acrostics by Cynthia Morris
American Acrostics are challenging quotation puzzles with an American history theme. The theme for Volume II is "Tales from the White House" featuring the American presidency from George Washington to Barack Obama. Quotations range from philosophical musings to the often hilarious antics of various White House denizens (Dolley Madison's outrageous turbans, Richard Nixon's bizarre White House police uniform design). A free puzzle is posted weekly and there's no need to register. Solve them online (Javascript) or download and print the puzzles (as .pdf file). All the puzzles are archived so newcomers are able to solve all former puzzles as well as the current one.

Acrostic Puzzle Maker
Version 3.0 of Bill Morgan's free acrostic constuction program is now available. (Thank you, Bill, for doing this.) Judging from the screen shots and specs, this looks like a very worthwhile addition to the puzzle maker's toolbox. Take it for a testdrive today!

Diabolical Acrostic Puzzles
Arthur Bloch, author of 'Murphy's Law', and 'Other Reasons Why Things Go Wrong', presents a selection of his delightfully, devious acrostics. Read the instructions carefully.

E-Crostic Software
A free program for acrostic solvers. Comes with 11 sample puzzles and more puzzles are available onsite. Windows only. Acrostic maker is also available.

Edward McArdle's Acrostic Puzzle
Try your hand at solving this crostic courtesy of a puzzle fan from 'down-under'.

Headlines Acrostics
Larry Kaz, puzzle maker and cartoonist, says, "HeadLines are not just ordinary puzzles. They're great fun, and at the same time will build your vocabulary, brush you up on current events, American and world history, literature, cinema, sports and more.

Lyric Acrostics
These acrostic puzzles, involving song lyrics, are presented in PDF format and must be printed. (Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view these files.)

Quiz-Acrostic Puzzle
From Sheila Haak, a free printable acrostic puzzle with an invitation to buy more. Be prepared for slow page loading (300K). Print only.

Sue Gleason's Double Crostics
Interactive acrostic puzzles. Offers a daily acrostic puzzle contest and software for solving and creating puzzles. Past puzzles are archived with hints and solutions.

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