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Easy Crossword Puzzles for Beginners

These easy crossword puzzles are meant for novice crossword puzzle solvers and are suitable for children or ESL students wanting to improve their English language skills. Many of these crossword puzzles are cartoon related and fun for younger puzzlers.
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Easy 13 x 13 Crossword Puzzles
Many easy crossword puzzles use the freeform or criss-cross style grid, but these puzzles feature standard American-style grids just like the newspaper crosswords do. A good vocabulary exercise for beginners and ESL students, you can play them online or print and solve on paper.

Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students - Easy
These online crossword puzzles use common, everyday words to help second language learners develop their English vocabulary.

Energy Puzzles
Renewable energy site brings you themed freeform crosswords. Word search puzzles also available.

Free Monday New York Times Crossword Puzzles
Easy Monday New York Times crossword puzzles to play online or to print and solve at your leisure.

Free Tuesday New York Times Crossword Puzzles
Tuesday New York Times crosswords are one of the easiest published by the New York Times. Play them online or print and solve.

Free Wednesday New York Times Crossword Puzzles
Wednesday New York Times crossword puzzles are still fairly easy, but more difficult than Monday and Tuesday crosswords. These free crosswords may be played online with a Java-compatible browser or with AcrossLite, or printed and solved on paper.

FunTrivia Crosswords
Hundreds of online crossword puzzles of varying difficulties. Themes include animals, celebrities, geography, history, music, sports, television and more.

Kentucky Crosswords
Dozens of easy crossword puzzles to solve online. Java.

Puzzle Depot
A wide selection of crossword puzzles for all levels of ability. A good resource for teachers using crosswords as an educational tool.

Today In History Crossword Puzzles
Easy, themed puzzles based on events that happened on this day in history: crossword puzzles, criss-cross puzzles, word search puzzles, jumble words and jigsaw puzzles.

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