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Test your skills with these cool links to riddles, logic puzzles, brain teasers, paradoxes, optical illusions, math puzzles, mind benders, strategy puzzles, IQ tests and lateral thinking puzzles. Some feature easy puzzles to help the novice get the hang of it while others are mind-numbingly difficult.
  1. Encryption Puzzles (11)
  2. Maze Puzzles (138)
  3. Mechanical Puzzles (20)
  4. Quizzes - IQ Tests
  5. Scramble Squares (10)

Sam Loyd - The Prince of Puzzle Makers – A Brief Biography
This is a brief biography of the 'Prince of Puzzle Makers', Sam Loyd, who is said to have created well over 10,000 puzzle,s many of which are as relevant and enjoyable today as they where when they first appeared over a century ago.

Four Rivers Strategy Puzzles
In this strategy puzzle, the challenge is to identify identical tiles which can be paired and thus removed. It's a race against the clock. Warning!: May be addictive!

Grand Illusions - Articles - Russian Puzzle
Similar to tangram puzzles, the challenge here is to fit the five pieces into the square. The pieces can touch, but may not overlap. Can you solve this brainteaser puzzle?

Adamovic's Collection of Brainteasers
A collection of riddles, paradoxes, illusions and logic puzzles courtesy of Jan Adamovic. Includes a forum, chat and guestbook.

Aha! Puzzles
Original creative puzzles with 'aha!' answers designed by Lloyd King, author of "Puzzles For The High IQ" and the recently released, "Test Your Creative Thinking".

Brain Ball
A 10-part daily brain puzzle and IQ test. Content changes daily and extensive performance stats are available.

Brain Bashers
A collection of logic, language and math puzzles with the occasional paradox.

Brain Teasers
From Houghton Mifflin, a good selection of teasers for various grade levels from 3 to 7+. Other student/teacher/parent resources featured.

Brainteaser Puzzles - Sliding Block Puzzles
Sliding block puzzles, tangrams and other mechanical puzzles to give your brain a workout. Fun for all ages.

Brainteasers Network
Lots of brainteasers with quick-look answers.

Critical Thinking
A selection of brain teasers from Michael DiSpezio's new book, Critical Thinking Puzzles. Pyramid Passage, Spare My Brain, Putting It Together, Fractured Farmland, Kitchen Cups.

Just Riddles and More
This site is riddled with... riddles. Ouch! Math and logic puzzles are also featured.

Lateral Puzzles
Register (free) and then discuss, solve and set lateral thinking puzzles. Recommended.

Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Advanced math logic puzzles as well as math puzzles and riddles. Many interactive (Java).

Nibbly - The Apple-eating Worm Strategy Puzzle
The challenge is to help Nibbly eat his way through all the apples on the board. Sound easy? Unfortunately, the more apples that Nibbly eats, the longer he gets. You'll need strategy, logic and reasoning to eat all 100 apples.

Optical Illusions and Visual Puzzles
Here's a collection of optical illusions and visual puzzles. Some of the images are not what they first appear to be while others are impossibilities which, initially, may seem possible. A few of these images will seem to vibrate or rotate and others will bend, skew or change color. And it's all just your eyes playing tricks on your mind...

QBrute's Brainteasers
Several mind bending puzzles to test your solving ability. You must also solve a puzzle to get to the solution page.

Rush Hour Strategy Puzzle
You're stuck in traffic but there is a way out. Can you find it? Use your mouse (left button click and drag) to move vehicles. Select difficulty level from drop down menu box. If you're stumped, reselecting level will reset the game. See if you can complete all twelve levels. Good luck!

Scramble Squares Brainteaser Puzzles
Scramble Squares have only nine colorfully illustrated square pieces, but the number of possible combinations in a 3 piece x 3 piece pattern is enormous with only one possible solution! Over 120 styles of colorful, original art on nature, sports, history, culture, geography, science, technology, occupations, gourmet, fantasy, hobbies and activities with more being added all the time.

Skeet Shooting Puzzle - logic - reflexes
The challenge is to shoot the skeet and the squirrel (these are dangerous attack squirrels- not the cute backyard variety) This game will test your reflexes as well as your strategic abilities, not to mention your marksmanship.

Terry Stickels' Puzzles & Brainteasers
Terry Stickels writes two nationally syndicated puzzle columns ( USA WEEKEND magazine and KING FEATURES ) and has written 23 books, including some of the MENSA sponsored series.

The Grey Labyrinth
From Kevin Lin, who says, "Its purpose is to stimulate interest and curiousity into... the human mind" Lots of good riddles.

The Ultimate Puzzle Site
This site has a nice selection from easy to hard and the authors "guarantee that all puzzles and riddles on our site are interesting."

Thinks.com Brainteasers
Entertaining brain teasers to tickle your wits whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Towers Of Hanoi Puzzle - logic - strategy puzzle
In this strategy puzzle, the challenge is to move the rings from the 'tower' on the left to the 'tower' on the right. The difficulty is that you can only move one ring at a time and only place a smaller ring on top of a larger ring

Watizzits? - Can you identify the picture?
Can you identify the common objects in the pictures?

Lateral Thinking Puzzles
A lateral thinking puzzle is a type of puzzle that involves ...

Situation Puzzles
A situation puzzle is a type of puzzle that involves ...



Western Europe Word Search - Online Word Search Game
Can you find the names of the European countries hidden in the puzzle?

Test Your Word Power
Test your word power with this interactive quiz. A good vocabulary increases your chances for success.




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