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Crossword Puzzles

Here's a great resource for crossword puzzle fans! Hundreds of free crossword puzzles for all ages and levels of ability. Play them online or print.

Poll: How often do you do Crossword Puzzles? Most crossword puzzle fans like to indulge in a puzzle or two each and every day. Do you?

  1. Acrostics (11)
  2. Crossword Dictionary (85)
  3. Crossword Puzzle Makers (43)
  4. Crossword Shopping (17)
  5. Crosswords Around the World (7)
  6. Crosswords for Kids (38)
  7. Cryptic Crosswords (40)
  8. Diagramless Crosswords (3)
  9. Easy Crosswords (14)
  10. Foreign Language Crosswords (39)
  11. Free Easy NYTimes Crossword (1863)
  12. Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzle (1)
  13. Newspaper Crosswords (10)
  14. Puzzle Markets (9)
  15. Solving Tips (5)
  16. Standard Crosswords (1000)

Introduction to Meta Crossword Puzzles by Matt Gaffney
Matt Gaffney creates metapuzzles which are cossword puzzles with an added challenge. Here's an intro to get you started.

Crickler Crosswords App
Crickler crossword app for Apple mobile devices claims to have reinvented the crossword puzzle. Is that claim a little overblown? You be the judge.

Why Cats Land On Their Feet
Think about it. How does a cat manage to always land on its feet?How do you open a bottle of wine with a book? Read this fun book and find out the answer to these and many other paradoxes and puzzles.

CRUX Crossword App
This crossword app for Apple mobile devices allows you to solve puzzles from various sources including The New York Times. It might be the best puzzle app for you.

The New York Times Crosswords App
This is the officially licensed NYTimes crossword app for Apple mobile devices but is it the best puzzle app for you? You may be surprised.

The History and Evolution of the Crossword
December 21, 2013 marks a milestone in the history of crossword puzzles. It's been one hundred years since the first one appeared in a newspaper.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles are said to be the most popular word game in the world. Find out more about these addictive word games: their history, various types of crosswords, where to find free crossword puzzles online, and how to make and sell your own puzzles.

Free Crossword Puzzles
Find free crossword puzzles of varying difficulty levels to play online or print. Crosswords for both children and adults can be found here.

Your Most Hated Crossword Entries (Crosswordese)
Here's where you can nominate your most hated crossword entries for the title of, "The Most Reviled Crossword Puzzle Entry".

Crosswordese - What is it and why do we need it?
These are the hackneyed, obscure words or partial phrases that are rarely encountered in everyday conversation but which often appear in crossword puzzles.

Crossword Solving Resources
Here's a list of the top sites to turn to for help in solving crossword puzzles when you're struggling with a tough clue or are stumped by a difficult puzzle.

Themed Crossword Puzzles
An eclectic selection of themed crossword puzzles by Dave Fisher. These puzzles may be solved online or printed and solved at your leisure.

Shop for Crossword Puzzles
Need a gift for a crossword fan? These books feature easy crossword puzzles for beginners or ESL students, more challenging crossword puzzles for experienced solvers, U.K. or cryptic crosswords, and fun and crazy crosswords for children.

Cross Words For A Crossword
"Sexually suggestive and possibly offensive" was how some described this controversial crossword from the New York Times. What do you think?

Holiday Crossword Puzzles
Free crossword puzzles with a holiday theme: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July and more. Solve these puzzles online or print and solve.

The Daily Puzzler
Crossword puzzles, acrostics, logic, word search, and more. The Webmaster asks: "Please let us know if you want more Acrostics. They're really not the most popular puzzles, so unless we hear otherwise, we'll create new puzzles only a couple of times a month." I say more acrostics!

Webber's Anagram Crosswords
These puzzles differ from normal crosswords in that every clue is an anagram of the solution. Solve these puzzles online (Java), in AcrossLite, or print.

Word Squares - Forerunners to Crossword Puzzles
A word square is composed of words of equal length that can be read both horizontally and vertically. They are believed to date from as far back as the the first century AD.

Matt Gaffney - Guest Author
Matt Gaffney's bio on puzzles.about.com.

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