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Free Cryptic Crossword Puzzles


Cryptic Crossword Puzzles

Cryptic Crosswords

Here's a selection of cryptic crossword puzzles for you to enjoy.

January Cryptic Crossword Puzzle
An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it?

February Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: Here's a cryptic crossword with a hearty theme. The four entries bordering the grid are topical. Solve on your computer or print and solve at your leisure.

March Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: March Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed. Solve this cryptic crossword with a 'green' theme.

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April Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: By Will DaBeed. Bonus Clue: Shaded outer squares and center square will spell out title and author.

June Cryptic Crossword: A timely message is hidden in this cryptic crossword by the enigmatic Will DaBeed.

July Cryptic Crossword Puzzle '99: By Will DaBeed. Please note that the enumerations do not reflect hyphenated words. There are three hyphenated solution words in the puzzle.

Yuletide Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: A seasonal cryptic crossword from one of Santa's favorite puzzle creators. See if you can solve the bonus clue!

New Year's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: Ring out the old and ring in the new with this themed cryptic crossword.

January Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it?

More Cryptic Crosswords

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