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Have you ever bought a newspaper just to do the crossword puzzle?


Puzzling gifts for Mom

Admit it now. You've bought your local newspaper solely for the crossword puzzle. You've bought the weekend paper just so you could enjoy that big, fat Sunday puzzle with your morning coffee. Be honest. You have, haven't you? You've gone straight for the puzzle page and not read one word of the doom and gloom. Right? Help me to confirm my suspicions by responding to this informal survey. All voices deserve to be heard so let yours be heard now!

Have you ever bought a newspaper just to do the crossword?

Free Crossword Puzzles

If you love crosswords, then check out these free, themed crossword puzzles. You can solve these puzzles online or print them out and solve them on paper. Enjoy! Free Crossword Puzzles

Shop Online for Puzzling Mother's Day Gifts

Looking for a gift for Mom this Mother's Day? From crosswords to jigsaw puzzles, here are some great and inexpensive gift ideas that are sure to provide Mom with hours of puzzling entertainment.
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