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Cryptic Crosswords - UK style Puzzles

In order to solve cryptic crossword puzzles, first you must solve the baffling clues! But once you get to know these quirky, brain-busting, word games, you may actually enjoy the challenge.
  1. Will Dabeed (19)

Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Definition
A cryptic or cryptic crossword is a puzzle in which the answer words are deduced by solving...

Apex Cryptic Crosswords
Apex is the pseudonym of Eric Chalkley, a retired carpenter who admired the crosswords of Ximenes.

Crooner's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle
Free Cryptic Crosswords at About Puzzles. Can you solve the bonus clue?

Cru Cryptics Archive
Cryptic puzzles created by and for the New York Times Online Forum (hosted by Cox/Rathvon). Discuss puzzles and cryptic clue writing in general. Puzzles are in AcrossLite format only.

Cryptic Crosswords
In order to solve these crossword puzzles, first you must solve the cryptic clues. These puzzle books feature UK style grids and are quite difficult to solve. Try them out if you're looking for a challenge.

EJ's Crossword Showcase
A large selection of puzzles including some for kids. Also gives solutions to various UK crosswords offering prize money.

February Cryptic Crossword
February Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed. A cryptic crossword with a hearty theme.

Guardian Unlimited's Cryptic Tutorial
The Golden Rule for setting a good cryptic clue was laid down by Ximenes of the Observer, the late DS McNutt (1902-71): "I may not mean what I say, but I must say what I mean."

Ireland in Crosswords
From Jim Stokes of Waterford, Ireland. A collection of 50 cryptic crosswords giving a tour of Ireland in its geography, history and culture.

January Cryptic Crossword
An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it?

June Cryptic Crossword Puzzle
June Cryptic Crossword by Will Dabeed. Puzzle can be solved online or printed.

March Cryptic Crossword
March Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed. Solve this cryptic crossword with a 'green' theme.

New Year's Cryptic Crossword
Ring out the old and ring in the new with this themed cryptic crossword.

Norm Pleszkoch's Cryptic Crossword
To enjoy the puzzle, print this page and the answer grid then solve at your leisure.

Peter's Cryptic Crossword Corner
From Peter Biddlecombe, some interesting info on The Times crossword competition, a list of books for the puzzle fan and several good cryptics (print only). UK references may stump American solvers.

Poins' Cryptic Crosswords
A collection of free cryptic crossword puzzles which can be printed and solved at your leisure. A new cryptic crossword puzzle appears each week.

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword
Choose regular clues (cryptic) or quick clues (easier). Java or print.

The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword
Another site where you'll be asked to register but no fee is required.

Will DaBeed's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle #1
Will DaBeed's cryptic crossword puzzle #1. Can you solve the bonus clue?

Yuletide Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed
Yuletide Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed.

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