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Cryptography - Cryptanalysis - Secret Codes - Encryption Puzzles

The history of the ancient science of cryptography (or cryptology), how ciphers have been used in codemaking and how cryptanalysis has managed to crack these secret codes. Or try these free encryption puzzles: Crack the code and discover the hidden treasure.

Cryptogram Maker
Designed with children in mind, on this site you can choose to randomly generate a themed cryptogram or type in a phrase of your choice and create a puzzle from it.

Famous quotes are featured in these free cryptograms which can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

Book Review - The Code Book - Simon Singh
When this book landed on my desk my first reaction was, "Uh-oh. Looks like some dry reading ahead." It was the subtitle that made my eyes glaze over: "The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography". I imagined anything with 'quantum' in the title must be too esoteric for my simple tastes. Boy, was I wrong! By Dave Fisher.

Cryptogram Maker Script
How good are you at secret codes? The following cryptogram has been encrypted using a simple substitution cipher. Can you work out what letter in the encrypted code represents what letter in clear text and work out what the message actually says?

This Web site states: "A variety of cryptograms ranging from the simple to the moderately difficult, plus advanced papers on cryptology." I found even the 'simple' ones to be difficult.

Cryptographic Challenge - Can you decode the message?
Be the first to crack the code and discover the whereabouts of the hidden treasure.

Similar to cryptograms, cryptographs combine an encrypted quotation and a hand-drawn portrait of its source.

Da Vinci Code - Excerpt from the novel - A Puzzling Murder Mystery
The Da Vinci Code: A Puzzling Thriller by Dan Brown. Now a major motion picture starring Tom Hanks. Read an excerpt from the novel.

Deciphering the ENIGMA - Puzzlers At War
During World War II, the Germans used the most sophisticated encoding machine of its time. Dubbed ENIGMA, its ciphers became increasingly complex and took time to decode. The story of Camp X (Bletchley Park) where as many as 10,000 people were employed in a secret operation to crack the code and stop the sinking of Allied merchant vessels by U-Boats.

Deciphering the Mystery of Khipu - Ancient Incan Accounting System?
Solving a centuries-old mystery - by deciphering knotted string, known as khipu, used by the ancient Incas, the extinct South American civilisation.

The History of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Discover cryptography's long and colourful history at Wikipedia.

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