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Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Free Online and Printable Word Search Games


Bible Word Puzzles

Bible Word Puzzles

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Word games such as word search puzzles are an excellent way for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling in an enjoyable way. These free word search printables focusing on various Biblical themes will make a great Sunday School activity.

Online Bible Word Search Games

  • Bible Word Search Puzzles - A comprehensive resource featuring dozens of free word search puzzles on topics mentioned in the Bible. The smaller puzzles use ten to twelve themed entries in a small grid; the larger puzzles have about 40 in a larger grid. Once you've found all the words in the puzzle, the leftover letters will reveal the mystery word. Play the game online or print and solve. Solutions provided.
  • The Word Puzzles - Over 20,000 interactive Bible puzzles, word searches and games can be found here. The site offers a 30 day free subscription, after which you must pay an annual registration fee.
  • Learning With Puzzles - The Bible - Over a dozen word search games in two difficulty levels are available here. The easy version of the puzzle provides a list of word/phrases to find as in most word seek games. The difficult puzzles are word search puzzles with a twist; instead of finding a word or phrase in the list, you need to figure it out based on the clue that is provided. The game can be played online or printed. Solutions provided.
  • Bible Word Search Puzzle Game - Ten themed word search puzzles of medium difficulty to solve online or on paper.
  • Religious Easter Word Search - Three different word lists are provided in this word search game of medium difficulty: Easter, Jesus and the Apostles.
  • Resurrection Sunday Word Search - A more challenging Christian word search puzzle with 25 themed entries that need finding. Play online or print.
  • Online Bible Word Searches - Here, you'll find several word search games of medium difficulty to play online. Java and Flash.
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Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles

Print-friendly Bible word search games abound on the 'Net. Here's a sampling of the many Bible word search puzzles available for printing. The puzzles are ranked in difficulty from the easiest to the most challenging.
  • Easter Word Search - In this easy word search puzzle, you need to find six themed entries in a medium-sized grid of letters.
  • Bible Coloring Pages - Several easy word search games, as well as crosswords and coloring pages, can be found here.
  • Christian Printable Activity Pages - Here, you'll find many different activities for young children. The word search games featured on this page are quite easy and are well-suited to use as a fun Sunday School activity.
  • Print and Play Bible Word Puzzles - Themes such as the Nativity, Noah's Ark, the Apostles and more appear in this series of print-friendly word search games. The puzzles range in difficulty, from fairly easy to quite challenging.
  • Christian Family Bible Wordsearch Puzzles - Each month, you'll find a new free word search game to print and solve. The puzzles are of medium difficulty, with a fair number of entries to find in a medium-sized grid. Once all the entries have been found, use the remaining letters to spell out a verse from the Bible.
  • John's Word Search Puzzles - The Bible - Word search fans will find dozens of word search games covering the Old and New Testaments, several parables, and books from the Bible. These puzzles are of medium difficulty and best-suited to older children and adults.
  • Free printable bible-based word-search puzzles - These word search games are quite challenging, most with word lists of between 50 and 70 entries. The puzzles are available in normal as well as large-print versions for easier reading.
  • Christian Word Search Puzzles - Here, you'll find several e-books featuring word search puzzles with Biblical themes for purchase.
  • 50 Free Bible Word Search Puzzles - If you still haven't found what you're looking for, check out this directory of free bible word search games from About Freebies.
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Free Bible Puzzles for Kids
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