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Bible Crossword Puzzles for Kids

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Bible Word Puzzles

Bible Word Puzzles

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Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, too! Here are some free Bible crossword games to keep the kids amused and occupied.

Printable Bible Crossword Puzzles

Print out these free crossword puzzle worksheets for a bit of Sunday school fun.

  • Easter Crossword - Here's a very easy crossword game featuring terms related to Easter. The list of words or phrases used in the puzzle appears below if the solver needs a helping hand.
  • The Book of Genesis Crossword - Fourteen entries related to the book of creation are featured in this easy crossword game.
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Crossword - In this freeform crossword puzzle, the fifteen entries all have to do with Christ's resurrection as it is told in the books of Matthew and Mark. Solution provided.
  • The Birth of Jesus Crossword - This easy puzzle has clues relating to the story of the Nativity.
  • Adam and Eve Crossword - An easy criss-cross style puzzle with 16 themed entries.
  • Christian Printable Activity Pages - Numerous activities with themes related to Christianity can be found here. Scroll down for several easy crossword games which are great for young solvers.
  • LDS Crossword Puzzles - About Latter-day Saints has provided a number of crossword puzzle games for puzzlers of all ages.
  • Print and Play Bible Word Puzzles - Here, you'll find twenty crossword games of medium difficulty. Most have about 25 themed entries and cover subjects such as fathers from the Bible, Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Big Fish and other stories from the Bible.

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Online Bible Crossword Puzzle Games

For those who prefer solving crossword puzzles online, we have a number of crossword games for intermediate to advanced solvers.
  • Bible Crossword Puzzles - Two types of interactive crossword games are found here. The small puzzles use the lattice-style grid appearing in most crossword puzzles meant for educational purposes and have about 15 entries, making them a good choice for children at the elementary school level. The full-size puzzles use the standard, 15x15, American-style grid used in most newspaper crosswords published in North America. Some, but not all, of the clues are related to the Bible. These crossword games are best suited to older children and adults.
  • Online Bible Crossword Puzzles - These crossword games feature people in the Bible, the story of creation, psalms and many other biblical themes. The puzzles are of varying difficulty levels, some are very easy, but others are quite challenging.
  • Bible Crosswords - In these standard, American-style crossword games, all the clues are Bible-related. Quotes from the Bible are used as clues, simply fill in the blank to solve them. References to the passages in the Bible from which the clue was taken are provided for you to look up if necessary. Good for older children and adults.
  • Bible Crossword Puzzle - An automatically generated crossword game with over 65 questions to test your knowledge of the Bible. About 15 word/phrases are selected at random to create an online crossword game.

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Free Bible Puzzles for Kids
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