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Bible Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Games


Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking for word puzzles and other resources for Bible study? Make learning about the Bible fun with these free children's crosswords, word searches, educational games, and other puzzle activities featuring themes found in the Bible.

Bible Word Search Puzzles

Playing word search games is a good way for children to learn new words and practice their spelling. Parents and educators can use the free word games at Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids to assist children in learning words and terms used in Bible study. Whether they are played online or on paper, these puzzles are an effective way to enjoy learning the teachings of the Bible.

Bible Crossword Puzzles

Younger solvers can practice their Bible vocabulary with the free crossword games at Bible Crossword Puzzles for Kids. The crossword puzzle printables for younger solvers feature loosely interlocking grids and make an excellent Sunday School or Bible camp activity. Older puzzlers can try their hand at the more challenging online games.

Bible Picture Puzzles

A number of printable maze puzzles of varying difficulty levels ranging from easy games for beginners to challenging games better suited to adults can be found at Bible Mazes, Dot-to-Dots and Spot-the-Difference Puzzles. Young children are sure to enjoy the connect-the-dot puzzles depicting various stories of the Bible, including Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Whale and David and Goliath, among others. Or, kids can test their observation skills by finding the differences between the two pictures featured in these Bible Spot-the-Difference games.

Miscellaneous Bible Puzzles and Trivia Games

At Bible Word Scrambles, Quizzes and More, you'll find dozens of quizzes testing Bible comprehension to play online or print. As well, we offer several word scramble printables, logic puzzles and memory games with a Biblical theme.

Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

For kids who enjoy piecing together jigsaw puzzles, we have free Bible Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids to play on the computer as well as easy jigsaw puzzle worksheet to print, cut out and solve offline.

Shop for Bible Puzzles

For those who prefer piecing together jigsaw puzzles in the traditional manner, or want to enjoy the social aspect of piecing together a puzzle as a family, we'll show you where to find quality puzzles online. The easy jigsaw puzzles, children's crosswords and word games with a Christian theme at Bible Puzzles for Children are an excellent teaching tool for preschoolers and children at the primary school level. Older solvers or those looking for a fun family activity can browse our selection of Bible Jigsaw Puzzles (500+ pcs) for more challenging jigsaw games featuring people and events from the Bible.
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