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Puzzles in Spanish

Puzzles in Spanish

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On May 5th, Mexicans both north and south of the Río Grande celebrate Mexico's victory over the more numerous and better equipped French forces in the Battle of Puebla. These puzzles and games for children focus on this annual celebration of Mexican resolve and bravery as well as on the country of Mexico in general, its history, geography, cultural icons, customs and traditions.

Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzles

Hidden word games such as word search puzzles are an excellent way for children and students studying a second language to learn new vocabulary and practice their spelling. The word puzzles featured at Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzles for Kids range in difficulty from an easy, six-word worksheet to a challenging twenty-seven word puzzle. Most of these word games are for printing out, but there are a few Java games that can be played online. The majority of the puzzles are in English, but some games are in Spanish only.

Spanish-language students who'd like to practice their vocabulary will find a large number of themed word search games in our section on Word Search Puzzles in Spanish.

Cinco de Mayo Crossword Puzzles

From easy to challenging, these free Cinco de Mayo Crossword Printables for Kids are a great way for children practice their vocabulary and have fun doing it! Here, you'll find printable fill-in-the blank crosswords, easy crosswords for young children, as well as challenging crossword games with 20 entries or more for older children and adults.

Mexico Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together jigsaw puzzles is a fun way for children as well as adults to exercise their brains. Jigsaw puzzle fans of all ages will enjoy the free online games featured in our section of Mexico Jigsaw Puzzles. The puzzles, of varying difficulty levels, depict stunning scenes of the Mexican landscape, including ancient pyramids, colonial cities, cathedrals and historic monuments, beaches, volcanoes and more. Some of these jigsaw puzzles feature Mexican folk art such as Huichol yarn paintings, folk dancers in colorful costumes as well as images of cultural icons such as "La Catrina" and the Lady of Guadalupe. Maps of Mexico and the Mexican flag also appear in this series of jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles pieces appear to be three-dimensional and their difficulty level ranges from an easy, 12-piece game to a challenging, 208-piece game.

Mexico Quiz Games

How knowledgable are you when it comes to Mexico and its geography, history, and culture? At Mexico Quizzes and Geography Games, you'll find online trivia games to test your proficiency on the subject. The quiz topics featured here include the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Mexican history and government, land features, capitals and states, holiday traditions and cultural events, and Mexican food.

Other Free Puzzles and Games

Solving sequential number games such as dot-to-dot puzzles helps young children acquire important skills like number recognition and sequencing. At Mexico Mazes, Hidden Pictures, and Dot-to-Dots, you'll find a variety of these games featuring objects associated with the country, such as a set of maracas, a piñata, the ubiquitous sombrero and more.

Shop for Spanish-Language Puzzles Online

If you're looking for crossword puzzles, word searches and other word games to help teach Spanish, see what's on offer at Spanish-Language Puzzles and Games. There, you'll find a number of puzzle activities for students of Spanish as a first or second language, including crossword, word search and puzzle activity books as well as social games such as Scrabble® and Bananagrams® in Spanish.
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