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Arbor Day Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games For Young Puzzlers


Arbor Day, a day dedicated to planting and caring for trees, is celebrated on the last Friday in April. These free puzzles and games focus on trees and their biology, usage and history.

Arbor Day Word Search Puzzles

Parents and educators can use the free word games at Arbor Day Word Search Puzzles for Kids to teach children about Arbor Day and trees in general. The puzzles range in difficulty from easy games with only ten words to challenging puzzles with over forty words. Most of these are print only, but there are a couple of games you can enjoy online.

Arbor Day Crossword Puzzles

Looking for a fun activity to help in teaching about trees? The printable crossword puzzle worksheets at Arbor Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids features tree-themed puzzles from easy, eight-word fill-in-the-blank puzzles to a nineteen-word game focusing on trees mentioned in the Bible.

Arbor Day Puzzles for Preschoolers

Young puzzlers who haven't yet learned to read can still benefit from puzzle games. For example, solving a maze puzzle is beneficial in that it helps young children to develop their concentration and strategic planning skills. Try the free puzzles and games at Arbor Day Mazes and Dot-to-Dot Games for some puzzling Arbor Day fun that doesn't require good spelling or memorizing vocabulary words.

Arbor Day Puzzles and Games

At Arbor Day Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Quizzes we have a number of trivia quizzes pertaining to tree biology, forestry products, Arbor Day history and related themes to test your arboreal awareness. You'll also find themed cryptograms to decipher, scrambled letter games and logic puzzles on which to sharpen your deductive reasoning skills.

Have a Happy Arbor Day!

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