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Buy Canada Puzzles Online

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Canada Day is an annual holiday in which Canadians celebrate the birth of their country. On July 1, 1867, the provinces of what was then known as British North America combined to form the Confederation of Canada. To commemorate the occasion, we offer these free crosswords, word searches, quizzes, jigsaw puzzles and other games with themes pertaining to Canada: its history, geography, people, places of interest and politics.

The puzzles and activities featured here are meant for children, those searching for puzzles geared towards adults may prefer the more challenging puzzles available at Canada Day Puzzles for Adults.

Canada Word Search Puzzles

Playing word search games is an excellent method for children and older puzzlers to learn new words or to practice spelling known ones. At Canada Word Search Puzzles for Kids, you'll find several themed word seek games ranging in difficulty from a simple five-word game to a challenging 35-word puzzle. Most of these puzzles are printable worksheets, although there are several word search puzzles for solving online. Puzzle themes include the Canada Day celebration, the provinces of Canada and their capitals, famous Canadaians, animals that live there and other similar topics.

Canada Crossword Puzzles

The free crossword puzzles at Canada Crossword Puzzles for Kids will help children enhance their use of words related to Canadian topics of interest. The puzzles use the freeform format common in educational crossword games and feature topics such as Confederation, geography, Canada's system of government and history. Here, as well, the puzzles are mostly for printing. There are several online crossword puzzles available, but they are better suited to students at the high school level or adults.

Canada Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together a jigsaw puzzle is good way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Jigsaw puzzle games based on a map of a country are also an effective tool to use in the teaching of geography. Visit Canada Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids for a nice selection of online jigsaw puzzles with themes pertaining to the land of the loonie, such as its flag and other national symbols, its spectacular scenery and the animals which inhabit the country. A number of printable jigsaw puzzles depicting the flag and certain animals associated with the country are also available here.

Though piecing together puzzles online has certain advantages, some people still prefer the tactile experience of handling the pieces or enjoy the social aspect of solving a jigsaw puzzle as a group. If you're looking for jigsaw puzzles to help teach Canadian geography, take a look at the resources available at Canada Puzzles to Play Offline, where you'll find jigsaw puzzles depicting the country as well as crossword books with themes associated with Canada.

Canada Puzzles for Preschoolers

Young children who are just beginning to read can still benefit from solving puzzles. At Canada Mazes and Dot to Dot Games, we offer a number of games suitable for young solvers. Children just learning how to count can practice their numbers with the easy dot-to-dot activities. Older kids can give their strategic planning skills a workout by navigating their way through the easy to challenging maze puzzle worksheets available here.

Canada Quizzes and Letter Games

For an assortment of puzzle activities and quizzes with Canadian themes, visit Canada Quizzes, Cryptograms and Word Scramble Games. Older children and adults who enjoy quizzes can test their knowledge of Canada and its history, geography, and people who have made their mark on the country. Or, they can work on their logic and code-breaking skills by deciphering the print-friendly cryptograms with themes that are strictly Canadian.

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day!

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