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These free puzzles and games all have themes related to Columbus Day, a day commemorating the first voyage of European explorer, Christopher Columbus, and his discovery of the New World. Canadian readers may prefer consulting this directory of free Thanksgiving Puzzles.

For trivia aficionados, we have an interactive Columbus Day Trivia Quiz where you can test your proficiency on the subject of Christopher Columbus and his travels. Can you can answer all eleven questions pertaining to Columbus and his role in history?

Crossword lovers can try their hand at solving the Columbus Day Crossword Puzzle from Infoplease. This standard, 15x15 crossword game packed with Christopher Columbus trivia is meant for older solvers.

Educational Columbus Day Word Puzzles and Games

If you're a teacher or homeschooling parent and are designing a lesson plan for your students, then have a look at our word search games on this subject. Christopher Columbus Word Searches for Kids lists several easy to challenging word search puzzles with various themes related to explorer Christopher Columbus and the holiday that bears his name. These hidden word games can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

We also offer several themed crossword games at Columbus Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids. These free crossword puzzles can help children develop their critical thinking skills, increase vocabulary and have fun, too!

For an assortment of miscellaneous puzzles and games relating to the noted European explorer, see our page on Columbus Day Mazes, Word Scrambles and More. Here you'll find themed maze puzzles to print and solve, hidden picture games to test your observation skills, word scrambles, interactive quizzes and more for some puzzling Columbus Day fun.

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