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Free Dinosaur Puzzles for Kids

Crossword Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games For Jurassic Park Lovers


Dinosaurs (Greek for "terrible lizard") are a popular theme for kids' puzzles. These free crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, quizzes and mazes all feature themes related to dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzles

These free crossword games can be printed out for classroom solving.
  • Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle - This themed crossword has over twenty words, some of them quite long. However, the list of words used in the puzzle appears at the bottom should you get stumped.
Dinosaur Fill-in Crossword Puzzles
In this type of crossword game, a word list with which to complete the grid is provided. The solver must then figure out where to place them in the grid. Dinosaur Crosswords to Play Online

In the Dinosaur Crossword by Adrian Hoad-Reddick, you're invited to test your knowledge of dinosaurs and the Disney movie "Dinosaur". This is a fairly challenging online game and better suited to older solvers with a good grasp of dinosaur facts. A printable version of this crossword is also available here.

Here's another challenging Dinosaur Crossword to play online.

Dinosaur Word Search Games

  • Dinosaur Word Search - This online game features up to twenty-four words. The letters in the grid are in large print for easier viewing. A printable version of this hidden word game is also available.
  • Dinosaur Word Search - Only eleven words are featured in this online game.
  • Dinosaur Word Search - ten dinosaur-related words are featured here. Play online.
  • Dinosaur Wordsearch - Twenty-three words pertaining to dinosaurs are hidden in a fairly large grid in this word puzzle of medium difficulty. Print.
  • Dinosaur Word Search Puzzle - You'll have to find twenty dinosaur-themed words in this word search printable.
  • Dinosaur Word Search - This puzzle has twenty words in a medium-sized grid.
  • Dinosaur Word Search - Twenty-four dinosaur-related words need finding in this word search game of medium difficulty.
  • Mesozoic Word Search - This challenging word game has a list of over fifty words for you to find.
  • Triceratops Word Search - Here, you need to find twenty words associated with this horned lizard.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles

Play these free online jigsaw games on your computer.

Land o' Dinosaurs
Eight easy 24-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring triceratops, stegosaurus and more can be found at Billy Bear for Kids. Puzzles can be played online or downloaded and solved at your leisure.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles
For a more challenging jigsaw game, National Geographic magazine has over twenty online jigsaw puzzles of medium difficulty (60 pieces).

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle
Twenty-piece classic cut jigsaw puzzle from Jigzone. You can change the cut and the number of pieces for and easier or more challenging game.

Dinosaur Mazes, Quizzes and More!

Dinosaur Quiz - Weird Dinosaur Names
Colepiocephale is Greek for "knucklehead". Can you figure out why it was given that name? Take this quiz and learn about this and other weird dinosaur names.

Dinosaur Quiz - Sauropods
How well do you know your sauropods? Find out here.

Dino Don's Dinosaur Quiz
See how much you know about these amazing prehistoric reptiles with this amusing trivia quiz. You need the Flash player in order to play this 10-question trivia game.

Dinosaur Concentration Game
Find the matching dinosaurs in this online memory game.

Printable Dinosaur Puzzles

  • A-maze-ing Dinosaur - Navigate through this somewhat complex maze to lead the dinosaur to its food.
  • Dinosaur Maze - Here, you'll find an easy maze puzzle in the shape of a dinosaur.
  • Dinosaur Scramble - This word game features seven anagrams of various types of dinosaurs. Since dinosaur names tend to be fairly long, unscrambling these words may be a bit of a challenge.
  • Ceratopsian Dot-to-Dot - For this game, the child will need to know his numbers up to 48. You must register (free) to download the puzzle.
  • Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot - Join the dots from 1 to 62 to get a funny dinosaur picture.
Looking for a gift for a dinosaur fan? Browse our selection of Dinosaur Puzzles and Games to find a gift that's sure to please.
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