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Earth Day Puzzles for Kids

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Earth Day is a day set aside to help us achieve awareness of the environment and how best to care for it. The children's puzzles and word games featured below focus on themes related to the Earth and the actions we can take to conserve it. Older solvers can try their hand at the more challenging puzzles and games featured at Earth Day Puzzles for Adults.

Earth Day Word Search Puzzles

For young word search fans, we have a variety of free Earth Day Word Search Printables for Kids. These word puzzles cover a number of different environmental themes, such as recycling, protecting the environment, and the celebration of Earth Day itself. The word games featured here vary in difficulty from very easy six-word puzzles for beginners to challenging 40-word puzzles better suited to older students and adults. Most of these puzzles are print-friendly versions geared towards classroom use, though there are a few online games to play on the computer. There's also a puzzle in Spanish for those who'd like to learn and practice Earth Day vocabulary in that language.

Earth Day Crossword Puzzles

For a fun way to get students to learn and practice vocabulary words related to the environment, try these Earth Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids. We offer several very easy crossword printables using the criss-cross format commonly used in educational crosswords. You'll find picture crosswords for very young readers, fill-in-the-blank games for beginners as well as challenging crosswords for older students and adults. Older crossword fans may enjoy one of several crossword puzzles in the American-style format, courtesy of the New York Times Learning Network. These more challenging crossword games can be played on any Java-enabled computer, in AcrossLite or printed.

Earth Day Jigsaw Puzzles

For easy to challenging jigsaw puzzles with themes related to Mother Earth, see our selection of Earth Day Jigsaw Puzzles. We'll show you where to find free online games depicting our planet as well as easy puzzles to print, cut out and piece together in the traditional manner.

Piecing together a jigsaw puzzle is a great way for children to learn about our world as well as the continents and various countries which make it up. If you're shopping for educational toys to help teach geography, check out what's on offer at World Geography Jigsaw Puzzles, where you'll find floor and tray puzzles for beginners, flat puzzles with several hundred pieces for older children, and three-dimensional puzzles in the shape of the globe for secondary level students and adults.

Earth Day Mazes and Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

Solving a maze puzzle has certain benefits for young children by helping them develop their ability to focus on a problem and make use of strategic planning in order to resolve it. Earth Day Mazes, Spot the Difference and Connect-the-Dot Puzzles offers a number of maze puzzles in varying difficulty levels for youngsters of primary and middle school age. Puzzlers just beginning to learn their numbers and how to count can also benefit from the connect-the-dots games available here.

Earth Day Puzzle Games

At Earth Day Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Memory Games, you'll find a number of puzzling activities for children of middle school age, such as trivia quizzes with an Earth Day theme, word scramble games using words pertaining to the environment, cryptograms on which budding code-breakers can hone their skills, as well as miscellaneous puzzles and activities with themes associated with the Earth Day celebration.

Happy Earth Day!

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