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Father's Day Puzzles

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Father's Day Puzzles

Puzzle Gifts for Dad

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Here, you'll find puzzles and games especially for Father's Day. Kids can enjoy these easy crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles and other puzzling games with themes celebrating fathers. Older children and adults can also find puzzles here that are suitable to their level of expertise.

Father's Day Word Search Puzzles

Hidden word games such as word search puzzles, besides being fun to play, are an excellent way for children, second language learners and even adults to learn new vocabulary and practice their spelling. Our Things to Do With Dad Word Search is a word search game of medium difficulty featuring words describing twenty-five amusing activities that fathers and sons or daughters often do together. The letters in the grid are in extra-large print for easier reading. The game can be played online or printed.

If you're looking for easy Father's Day word games for children, then look no further. The free word puzzles featured at Father's Day Word Search Puzzles for Kids focus on various themes related to fathers and fatherhood. These puzzles range in difficulty from an easy, five-word worksheet for beginning solvers to a challenging thirty-nine word game better suited to older children and even adults. Many of these word games need to be printed out, but there are several online games for those who prefer playing word search games on the computer.

Father's Day Crossword Puzzles

One way to keep youngsters occupied in an entertaining manner is to get them to solve crossword puzzles. Check out the crossword puzzle games at Father's Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids for easy to challenging puzzles which will help children develop or enhance their use of words related to the Father's Day holiday and the role of fathers in general.

About Puzzles has crossword games for older solvers as well. Our 'Father Knows Best' Crossword is a themed crossword game featuring clever clues and an American-style grid. Fans of the cryptic crossword genre may prefer the June Cryptic Crossword by the enigmatic Will Dabeed. Happy puzzling, Pappy!

Father's Day Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together jigsaw puzzles is a fun way for children to exercise their brains and develop important strategic planning skills. The free puzzle games at Father's Day Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids feature themes pertaining to fathers and families. You'll find easy to challenging jigsaw games to play online, animated jigsaw puzzles as well as jigsaw puzzle templates that youngsters can print and solve together with Dad.

For a unique Father's Day gift for your puzzling Papa, see what's on offer at Dad's Puzzle Gift Guide. You'll find 500 to 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring themes such as sports games, fishing, trains, and other subjects and activities enjoyed by Dads everywhere. As well, we'll show you where to find challenging mechanical puzzles such as wooden sliding block puzzles, tangrams and disentanglement puzzles. Finally, for fathers that prefer solving word puzzles, we'll point you towards entertaining Sports Crosswords as well as other crossword puzzle books of general interest. Though not expensive, these puzzling gift ideas will still provide Dad with hours of puzzle fun.

Father's Day Picture Puzzles

Even very young children who haven't yet learned how to read can reap benefits from solving puzzles. For example, solving sequential number games such as dot-to-dot puzzles helps them with number recognition and sequencing. Solving a maze puzzle requires problem analysis and strategic planning skills. At Father's Day Mazes, Dot-to-Dots, and Spot the Difference Games, you'll find a variety of these games featuring various themes associated with dear old Dad.

Father's Day Anagrams and Cryptogram Games

Word jumbles, also known as anagrammed words, can help young readers enhance their reading skills. To solve these word puzzles, children must be able to identify individual letters as well as possess enough vocabulary to recognize the unscrambled word. At Father's Day Word Scrambles, Cryptograms and Memory Games, you'll find themed word scrambles as well as cryptograms that, when solved, spell out a Father's Day message.

Here's wishing you the happiest of Father's Days! Happy puzzling!

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