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Flag Day Puzzles for Kids

Celebrate Flag Day With Free Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games


Patriotic Puzzles

Patriotic Puzzles

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Flag Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the American flag by the Continental Congress in 1777. Here are some free online and printable puzzles and games celebrating Old Glory.

Flag Day Jigsaw Puzzles

U.S. Flag and Eagle Jigsaw Puzzle - Very easy six-piece jigsaw puzzles to play online. You can also change the puzzle cut for more of a challenge.

American Flag Jigsaw Puzzle - Can you beat the clock and piece together the puzzle before the time runs out?

U.S. Flag Jigsaw Puzzle - Choose between nine (3x3) and 180 (15x12) pieces in this online jigsaw puzzle game.

U.S. Flag Jigsaw Puzzle - Easy twenty-piece jigsaw puzzles to play online. Choose a puzzle cut from as little as six to a whopping 247 pieces.

U.S. Flag Scrambler Puzzle
Can you put "Old Glory" back together in under 4 minutes?

American Flag Scrambler - Piece together the scrambled blocks to form a picture of Old Glory.

U.S. Flag Jigsaw Puzzle (Print) - Print out the flag and color it in. Then cut the page into pieces to make a jigsaw puzzle.

Flag Day Quizzes and Games

American Flag Concentration - A patriotic version of the classic memory game.

Flag Day Quiz - How much do you know about Old Glory? Take the Flag Day Quiz and see if you can answer the questions pertaining to the U.S. flag.

Flag Day Quiz - An online quiz game featuring ten multiple choice questions about the U.S. flag and its history.

Flag Day Cryptogram - To decipher the secret message with a topical theme, you need to substitute letters for the numbers provided.

Flag Day Printables

Flag Day Word Search Games

Flag Day Word Search - Find the 22 hidden words or phrases associated with the Stars and Stripes. Play game online or print and solve on paper.

American Flag Word Search - Online word search game with a Flag Day theme.

Here are some word search puzzles to print and solve.

  • Flag Day Wordsearch - Eight phrases related to the American flag as well as the names of people who played a role in developing it are hidden in the puzzle.
  • Flag Word Search - Thirteen entries pertaining to the Stars and Stripes are hidden in this word search puzzle.
  • Flag Day Word Search Worksheet - In this puzzle of medium difficulty, fifteen Flag Day words need finding. Solution provided.
  • Flag Day Word Search - This word search printable features twelve Flag Day words.
  • Flag Day Word Search - This easy Flag Day puzzle features twelve words in a small grid of letters.
  • Flag Day Word Search - This challenging word search game has only twelve words, but the grid in which they are hidden is quite large.

Flag Day Crossword Puzzles

Teachers can print these puzzles out for classroom solving.
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