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Geography Puzzles for Kids

Free Puzzles and Games that Help Teach Geography


Geo Puzzle - Europe

Geo Puzzle - Europe

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com
Looking for a fun way to teach or learn geography? These free map jigsaw puzzles, geography quizzes and geography word games are a useful tool to help students learn United States and world geography.

Geographical Map Puzzles

Sheppard Software for US Geography
This site features many different online games to assist children in learning about the United States and its geography. Difficulty levels range from very easy to quite challenging. Here's just a sampling of what you'll find here.

  • Capital City Tutorial: This interactive game helps children learn the names of the capitals of the U.S. states. Simply click on a state to learn its capital and general information about it. Conversely, you can also click on the name of a capital to learn its state.
  • Landscapes Tutorial: In this tutorial, children are asked to locate the various regions of the United States.
  • Rivers Tutorial: Learn the location and basic facts about the major rivers of the USA with this online tutorial.
  • States 8 - Geographer: Players must drag and rotate the states to their proper position on the U.S. map. Since no outlines are provided, the game can be pretty tough.

Map Puzzles - U.S. and World
Free map puzzle games to play online. Also several geography games to download and play on your computer.

USA Map Jigsaw Games
Drag and drop the U.S. states to the correct place on the map. Five levels of play.

  • Level One: Several states in a given region are displayed at one time, and the region where these states can be found is highlighted in yellow. State borders are shown.
  • Level Two: All fifty states are displayed at once. State borders are shown.
  • Level Three: All fifty states are displayed at once. No state borders are shown. If the player succeeds in dropping the state in its proper location, the state will turn green, otherwise it turns orange. After three unsuccessful tries, the state's proper location will be displayed on the map.
  • Level Four: Same as Level Three, but the states must be placed in alphabetical order, if you can find them!
  • Level Five: Only a few states are displayed at one time, but no borders or state names are shown.

Maps and Map Games
Online geography puzzle games courtesy of Maps.com. This site features:

  • Find It! Puzzle Games: Players are asked to locate and click on the named country. Games are available for: USA and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • USA Jigsaw Map Game: Fairly easy jigsaw game where you drag and drop the states to the correct location. Game may be played with or without state borders.
  • Africa Map Game: Test your knowledge of the African continent with this interactive quiz. The continent is split into three regions: North Africa, West Africa and South Africa. Players click and drag the names of the countries to their proper location and when finished, check to see their scores.

Scroll down to find easy map quizzes and jigsaw puzzles pertaining to various continents and regions.

IKnowThat.com Puzzle Maps
Drag and drop geography puzzles of all parts of the world are featured on this site. Players can choose from puzzles featuring an entire continent or various regions, such as Western Europe or the Middle East.

Geography Quizzes and Word Games

US State Puzzles
From Alabama to Wyoming, these word searches, crosswords, and quizzes provide an excellent way for children to reinforce vocabulary and memorize facts about the 50 states.

Geography Word Search Puzzles
These free word searches focus on word lists pertaining to countries, cities, and landmarks located around the world.

Geography Quizzes
Dozens of quizzes of various types created by a teacher for geography studies.

Maps.com Geography Quiz
Players are asked five questions from various categories such as climate, geoeconomics, international cities, and regions.

Geography Quizzes
A collection of five-question multiple-choice geography quizzes to test your geographic knowledge.

John's Word Search Puzzles - Geography
Printable word search puzzles with a geographical theme.

Printable Blank Outline Maps
Blank and outline maps to print out and use for personal or educational purposes.

Online Atlas
Maps of the countries of Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Major cities and rivers as well as bordering countries are shown.

Print U.S. State Maps - Labeled
These maps show the major cities and features found in the state.

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