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Hanukkah Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games For Young Puzzlers


Chanukah Jigsaw Puzzle

Chanukah Jigsaw Puzzle

Tis the season to be puzzled! Here's a selection of free interactive games or printable puzzles with a Hanukkah theme to keep children amused and entertained this holiday season.

Hanukkah Games

Chanukah Concentration
Test your memory with a Chanukah version of the classic memory game. There are two levels of difficulty and you can race against the clock!

Hanukkah Match Game
Find the matching Hanukkah symbols in this interactive memory game.

Chanukah Sliding Puzzle
See if you can move the pieces to come up with the full picture in this interactive puzzle game.
Dreidel Slide Puzzle | Menorah Slide Puzzle | Star of David Slide Puzzle

Chanukah Quiz
Test Your Chanukah Knowledge!

Chanukah Mazes
Here are a couple of printable maze puzzles to enjoy.

Word Search Puzzles

Hanukkah Word Search
Find the hidden words associated with the Jewish celebration of the festival of lights. Play game online or print and solve on paper.

Hanukkah Word Search
Another interactive word search puzzle with a Hanukkah theme.

Here are some word search puzzles to print and solve.

Crossword Puzzles

Teachers can print these puzzles out for classroom solving.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Hanukkah Jigsaw Puzzles - Jewish Symbols
Interactive jigsaw puzzles with a Hanukkah theme, including Gelt and Dreidel, Hanukkah cookies, Menorah lights, and Star of David Confetti. Three difficulty levels, from easy to hard.

Hanukkah Jigsaw Puzzles
Twenty piece classic jigsaw puzzle using the Jigzone interface.

Hanukkah Jigsaw Puzzle
Here's an animated Hanukkah puzzle from Billy Bear for Kids.

Judaica Jigsaw Puzzles
Celebrate Jewish culture and heritage with these children's puzzles depicting the major celebrations of the Jewish calendar: Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Purim and more.

More Games

Print out these puzzles for more Hanukkah puzzle fun.

Finally, if you're shopping for a gift for someone special, browse our Holiday Gift Guide for some great puzzling gift ideas.
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