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Fourth of July Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles to Celebrate the Nation's Birthday!


Enjoy this collection of American Independence Day puzzles and learning activities - crossword puzzles, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, printables and online games. These patriotically-themed puzzles and activities are meant for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. Older children and adults will find puzzles and trivia games better suited to their ability at Fourth of July Puzzles for Adults.

Fourth of July Word Search Puzzles

Word games such as word searches are a good way for children and students of a second language to learn new words and practice their spelling. At Fourth of July Word Search Puzzles for Kids, we have free word search puzzles with various themes related to the 4th of July holiday as it's celebrated in the United States. These puzzles range in difficulty from a very easy seven-word game for beginners to a challenging word search worksheet featuring the full names of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The majority of these puzzles are print only, however, there are several online games for those who prefer playing these games on the computer. There's even a sopa de letras, or word search puzzle in Spanish, with an Independence Day theme for those wishing to learn and practice patriotic vocabulary in that language.

Fourth of July Crossword Puzzles

From easy to challenging, the crossword games featured at Fourth of July Crossword Puzzles for Kids are a fun way for children to work on their spelling and vocabulary skills in addition to improving their use of words related to Fourth of July. You'll find printable crossword puzzle worksheets with picture clues for preschoolers, easy crossword games for children at the primary school level as well as challenging puzzles featuring 27 entries for experienced puzzle solvers. These puzzles all use the criss-cross crossword format generally used for educational crossword games.

Fourth of July Jigsaw Puzzles

The free jigsaw games at Fourth of July Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids feature themes relating to patriotic symbols, US history and the Fourth of July celebration. You'll find online jigsaw games ranging in difficulty from very easy 20-piece puzzles to more difficult puzzles with up to 100 pieces. Also available are four jigsaw puzzles featuring patriotic symbols to print, cut apart and piece together offline.

For more challenging online jigsaw puzzles with over 100 pieces, visit Independence Day Puzzles for Adults. As well, for those who prefer piecing together jigsaw puzzles on the coffee table or with family and friends, we have a number of 500 to 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles with Independence Day and other patriotic themes available for purchase online in our Patriotic Puzzle Index.

Fourth of July Picture Puzzles

Solving a maze puzzle is a good way for children to work at improving their concentration as well as their strategic planning skills. At Fourth of July Mazes, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dot Activities, we feature a variety of maze puzzles to print or play online. On this page, you'll also find hidden picture games celebrating the nation's birthday as well as dot-to-dot activities with themes such as Old Glory, the Liberty Bell, fireworks and more.

More Fourth of July Puzzles and Games

How much do you know about the 4th of July holiday and what it stands for? Test your familiarity with facts about the Fourth with the online quiz games featured at Fourth of July Word Scrambles, Quizzes and Memory Games, where you'll also find jumbled word games to unscramble as well as patriotic versions of the classic memory game, Concentration.

I hope you enjoy these themed puzzles and games celebrating the nation's birthday. Here's wishing you a Happy July 4th!

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