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Mother's Day Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games


Mother's Day is an annual holiday celebrating motherhood and maternal bonds observed on the second Sunday of May in the United States. Though the holiday, in its current form, only dates from 1905, it has evolved into one of the most commercially successful holidays of the year. For young puzzlers, we have a good selection of free crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, quizzes, and other puzzles and games with a Mother's Day theme. Older solvers looking for crossword puzzles, word searches and more with a Mother's Day theme can try their hand at the free puzzle activities at Mother's Day Puzzles for Adults.

Mother's Day Word Search Games

Solving word search puzzles is a great way for children to learn new vocabulary and become better wordsmiths. The free Mother's Day Word Search Printables featured here range in difficulty from simple five-word puzzles for beginners to quite challenging word puzzles with as many as forty entries for older students and adults. Most of these puzzles are for printing, though there are a few online games for those who prefer playing word searches on the computer.

Mother's Day Crossword Puzzles

One way to keep the kids occupied and having fun is to have them solve crossword puzzles while Mom enjoys a much-deserved lie-in in bed. From easy to challenging, these Mother's Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids are a painless way for kids to practice their spelling, enhance their word recognition skills, and acquire new Mother's Day vocabulary.

Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzles

A great way for children to develop hand-eye coordination and increase spatial awareness in a quiet manner is to have them piece together a jigsaw puzzle. Visit Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids for a nice selection of jigsaw games featuring flowers and other themes associated with Mother's Day to play on the computer.

Mother's Day Mazes and Dot-to-Dot Games

At Mother's Day Mazes, Spot the Difference and Connect-the-Dot Puzzles, you'll find a number of puzzle activities which will appeal to young solvers. Children just learning their numbers and how to count can benefit from the connect-the-dots games on offer here. Older children can make use of their strategic planning skills in order to negotiate the themed, print-friendly mazes. Kids of all ages can work at improving their attention spans and pattern recognition skills in an enjoyable manner with the online and printable Spot-the-Difference games featured here.

Mother's Day Anagrams, Cryptograms and Memory Games

We offer an assortment of puzzle activities at Mother's Day Word Scrambles, Quizzes and Memory Games. Kids can use their reasoning skills to arrive at the solution to the logic puzzles and cryptograms, test their knowledge of Mother's Day with the easy trivia quizzes, work on their reading and pattern recognition skills with the print-friendly word scramble puzzles, and exercise their brain power with the online memory games.

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

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