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New Year's Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Games For Young Puzzlers


Ring out the old and ring in the new! These free interactive games and print-friendly puzzles with a timely theme should keep the kids busy while you're preparing for (or recovering from) celebrating the New Year.

Older solvers may wish to try their hand at the more challenging puzzles and trivia games found in our main index of New Year Puzzles.

New Year Word Search Puzzles

Solving word search puzzles is an excellent way for kids to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills while having fun. These free New Year Word Search Games for Kids all have timely themes related to celebrating the New Year. There's a variety of printable puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy 10-word games to 40-word puzzles for older solvers and second language learners. There are also a couple of online games for those who prefer to enjoy their word search puzzles that way.

New Year Crossword Puzzles

Solving crossword puzzles is an entertaining way for children and second language learners to learn and practice their New Year vocabulary. At New Year Crossword Puzzles for Kids, we have several print-friendly crossword games to celebrate the coming of the New Year as well as a couple of online games with a New Year's Day theme.

New Year Jigsaw Puzzles

For jigsaw puzzle fans, we have several easy New Year Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids for solving on the computer. These online jigsaw games feature popular symbols associated with the holiday, such as champagne on ice, Baby New Year, the countdown clock and more.

New Year Counting Puzzles and Games

Young children who are just learning to count can benefit from the free dot-to-dot games found at New Year Spot the Differences, Hidden Picture Puzzles and Dot-to-Dot Games. The puzzles range in difficulty from very easy (count to 10) to slightly more challenging (count to 50) connect-the-dot puzzles featuring clocks, noisemakers, Baby New Year, and other symbols of the New Year.

On this page, you'll also find a selection of spot-the-difference printables with themes related to the New Year celebration. These puzzles use line drawings rather than photographs and are thus easier to solve. Your child might also enjoy the free hidden object games featuring the artwork of Liz Ball.

New Year Mazes, Cryptograms and Word Scrambles

At New Year Mazes, Cryptograms and Word Scrambles, young puzzlers can enjoy finding their way through the easy to challenging labyrinths, and budding code breakers can practice their decryption skills with the themed cryptograms and anagram games.

May your New Year be a blessed and happy one. Happy puzzling!

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