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Dad's Gift Guide


Looking for a gift for your puzzling pop? From crosswords to jigsaw puzzles, here are some great and inexpensive gift ideas that are sure to provide Dad with hours of puzzling entertainment.

Football Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle

Image courtesy of Calendars.com
This Football Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle displays Super Bowl memorabilia from some of the greatest NFL teams of all time. By Allied Products. Size: 24 X 30 in. 1000 pcs For ages 12+.

Football History 1000 Piece Puzzle

Image courtesy of Calendars.com
This fantastic puzzle features everything from famous players to great moments in football. Artwork by James Mellett. By White Mountain Puzzles. Size: 24 x 30 in. For ages 13+

Baseball Jigsaw Puzzle

Image courtesy of Calendars.com
This puzzle is sure to challenge and maybe even enlighten. Trivia questions are hidden within the puzzle so all fans of America's favorite sport can learn fun facts about their favorite game. By White Mountain Puzzles. 1000 pcs.

Transportation Jigsaw Puzzles

Image courtesy of Calendars.com
These challenging jigsaw puzzles show various modes of transport such as vintage firetrucks, cool cars, steam locomotives and much more!

Catch of the Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Image courtesy of Calendars.com
A great gift for anyone who loves fishing! The image was originally published by The Saturday Evening Post. By Go! Games. Size: 19 5/8 x 29 1/2 in. 1000 pcs. For ages 13+

Brainteaser Puzzles - mechanical puzzles - sliding block puzzles

Image courtesy of AreYouGame.com
Sliding block puzzles, tangrams and other mechanical puzzles to give your brain a workout. Fun for all ages.

Beers Jigsaw Puzzle

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com
Dozens of beers from around the world are pictured on this photographic jigsaw puzzle. So, crack open a cold one and get puzzling! By Educa. Size: 26-3/4 x 18-3/4 in. 1000 pcs.

Sports Crosswords

Image courtesy of Price Grabber.
Sports and puzzle fans, this is for you! Whether your favorite sport is baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf or any combination of these, there's a book of crosswords compiled with the sports nut in mind.

Easy-to-Read Crossword Puzzle Books

Image courtesy of Price Grabber.
Love crossword puzzles but are having trouble reading the clues? If your vision problems are keeping you from enjoying your favorite puzzle game, then large-print crosswords may be the solution.

Sudoku Puzzles

Image courtesy of Price Grabber.
Be it for the novice or the expert, the best in SuDoku puzzle books.
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