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Puzzles For Toddlers


Learning can be fun! And puzzles are a great way to teach preschoolers numbers and letters and develop motor skills. It's also an early introduction to problem solving and critical thinking. Here are some game suggestions for the youngsters in your life.

Chunky Puzzles

Image courtesy of christianbook.com

These puzzles for early learners have big, chunky pieces that are easy for little fingers to manipulate. The chunky pieces are thick enough to stand on their own, doubling as a figure for imaginative play.

Floor Puzzles

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

Jigsaw puzzles can help young children develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. These colorfully illustrated floor puzzles have very large pieces, making it easy for young puzzlers to manipulate them.

Sound Puzzles

Image courtesy of StuffKidsLike.com

These jigsaw puzzles are unique in that realistic sounds are played when the puzzle pieces are properly placed on the board. By playing games like these, youngsters can practice fine motor skills while learning about the relationship between cause and effect and how to identify different sounds such as farm animals, musical instruments and pets.

Older children who are just starting to learn the alphabet and their numbers may also benefit from sound puzzles which state the name of a letter or number when the puzzle piece is placed in its proper place.

Peg Puzzles

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

A selection of attractive, colorful, wooden jigsaw puzzles with sturdy wooden knobs for easy manipulation by very young puzzlers.

Crepe Rubber Puzzles

Image courtesy of KazooToys.com

These puzzles are made of "Crepe Rubber", a durable rubber that won't warp, crease or tear. The texture feels great and the pieces fit snugly. All puzzle pieces are quiet, washable, and made to last from child to child.

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