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Online Jigsaw Puzzles

If you like piecing together jigsaw puzzles on your computer, then you'll enjoy sampling some of the many free jigsaw puzzles found on the Web. They make a great pastime for both kids and adults.

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  1. Animal Jigsaw Puzzles (20)
  2. Art Jigsaw Puzzles (6)
  3. Scenic - Historic Places (14)
  4. Space Jigsaw Puzzles (4)
  5. Transportation Jigsaws (29)

Free Jigsaw Puzzles
Hundreds of free online jigsaw puzzles to download and piece together on your computer. Jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty levels featuring historic monuments, picturesque landscapes, the four seasons, flowers, animals and art are on offer here. Enjoy!

Jigsaw Planet
At Jigsaw Planet, you can create puzzles from your images, share them with friends, or play one of the many jigsaw puzzles that its members have created.

Jigidi Jigsaw Puzzles
Discover Jigidi, an online jigsaw game site where every day thousands of users make and play hundreds of free jigsaw puzzle games.

How to Make your own Jigsaw Puzzles at Jigsaw Planet
A short tutorial that shows you how to make and share jigsaw puzzles with your own images at Jigsaw Planet.

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles: Medieval History
A selection of free jigsaw puzzles featuring medieval people, places and things from About's Guide to Medieval History. The puzzles use the Jigzone interface.

How to Make your own Jigsaw Puzzles at Jigidi.com
A short tutorial that shows you how to make your own jigsaw puzzle at Jigidi.com, a popular site where thousands of loyal fans from all around the world publishing hundreds of jigsaw games every day.

How to Run Online Jigsaw Puzzles in Compatibility Mode
Having trouble playing these online jigsaw puzzles with a computer running Windows Vista? Here's how to play these games in compatibility mode.

JigCard Gallery
Daily interactive jigsaws to solve on screen (Java) or send the puzzle in an e-card to your friends and family.

Jigs@w Puzzles
If you like jigsaw puzzles then you'll love this puzzle program from Tibo Software. A gallery of puzzles is available or you can create your own custom puzzles. Download the free demo and try before you buy.

Jigsaw Jamboree
Over 150 online jigsaw puzzles in various categories, plus a daily online jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw Land
This may be called Jigsaw Land but it's no walk in the park. I find solving this style of square-cut puzzle pieces is quite frustrating and offers very little entertainment value.

Jigsaw Puzzles By You!
From Billy Bear 4 Kids, these interactive jigsaws are simple enough for children but the applet can be frustrating (very jumpy).

Jigsaws Galore
Program to play/create jigsaw puzzles. Evaluation version comes with 10 sample puzzles. Windows only

Free online jigsaw puzzles with degrees of difficulty from 6 to 240 pieces. Large selection of pictures. Nice.

Puzzle House
Free puzzles of varying difficulty. You can solve them online (Shockwave) or buy the actual puzzles. Also offers 3D puzzles, Photomosaics, CD Jigsaw games, and more.

Transportation Jigsaw Puzzles
These free online jigsaw puzzles feature cars, ships, motorcycles and other forms of transportation.

11 Places To Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles
About Freebies guide Stacy Fisher gives us her take on the best jigsaw puzzle games on the Net today.

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