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Great, no-frills jigsaw puzzle fun

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Piecing together a Jigidi Jigsaw Puzzle

Piecing together a Jigidi Jigsaw Puzzle I created - A Garden at Versailles

Jigidi was launched in January of 2007. It has since become a busy hub for free online jigsaw puzzles with thousands of loyal fans from all around the world creating hundreds of new jigsaw puzzles every day. Many of these jigsaw puzzles are of excellent quality which is a nice surprise considering the amateur nature of the site. Many of the puzzles found at Jigidi are fairly easy, with 60 pieces or less, others are quite large, with 240 pieces or more.

Piece together puzzles galore!

I like to do jigsaw puzzles of medium difficulty, about 100 - 150 pieces. Jigidi has plenty of puzzles in that difficulty range. However, I would recommend a large monitor for puzzles over 60 pieces. I used a 21 in. monitor for this review and found 150 pieces to be about the limit before the work area becomes impossible to manage.

The puzzle pieces are easy to see and interlock nicely, though I prefer to hear a subtle click when the pieces lock together. The zoom in/out feature is a great touch especially when you need extra space on the board or want to focus on a particular area of the puzzle. Even with my 21 in. screen, at times it becomes quite cluttered with 150 pieces, so zooming out allows you more room to work. Fortunately, matched pieces lock together no matter where they are on the playing surface. (At some online jigsaw sites, a piece has to be directly over a precise area of the playing surface before it will hook up with its partners.) Finally, all pieces are right-side up (there's no need to rotate the pieces) which may put off some people who prefer that extra challenge but it's not a deal breaker for me.

On the other hand, it would be helpful to have the option of being able to refer to the image of the completed puzzle as you're piecing it together, as one does with a boxed jigsaw puzzle. This is especially true when solving puzzles with 150 pieces or more. One work-around for this is to open two browser windows-- one for your work space and one with the image of the puzzle you're solving. Then just toggle between the two (use Alt+Tab).

Navigating the site

The Jigidi Home Page

The Jigidi Home Page

On the Jigidi homepage, you'll see a list of jigsaw puzzles beginning with the most recently created. There's no option allowing you to search for jigsaw puzzles about a particular subject (horses, for example). However, you can use topic headings such as 'Outdoors', 'People', 'Animals', etc., to refine your search results. You may also search using the number of pieces as your criterion.

Make and share your own jigsaw puzzles

Jigidi also has a filter which allows you to see all the puzzles from a particular user. Click on a user's profile link (here's mine) for a list of all the jigsaw puzzles that they have uploaded. This is great when you want to solve jigsaw puzzles featuring vintage Christmas cards, for example. When you find a puzzle that suits your tastes, follow the link to the creator's profile page (jflower in the example) and chances are you'll find dozens more puzzles of that genre.

Create an account at Jigidi and have fun making your own jigsaw puzzles. It's really easy. Here's a step-by-step tutorial that shows you How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles.

How fast can you solve your puzzle? Can you beat the pros?

Profile of the Garden at Versailles Jigsaw Puzzle I created at Jigidi

Information about the jigsaw puzzle is displayed -- its creator, number of pieces and how many times it has been solved, as well as the top-10 fastest solving times. See if you can beat the fastest time. Good luck. I came nowhere near the mark. Look at these stats from A Garden at Versailles Jigsaw Puzzle, shown in the image. Two hours after putting up this easy 28-piece puzzle, it had been solved 70 times and the fastest time was a mind-boggling 38 seconds. It took me several minutes.

If you want to get vocal, you can comment on the jigsaw puzzles. Jigidi connects to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, making it a cinch to share your puzzles as well as comment on other people's puzzles that you think your friends might enjoy. You may want to withhold Jigidi's publishing rights to Facebook, though, if you don't want your friends knowing about your jigsaw puzzle obsession and all the time you've spent solving them online.

The bottom line

Jigidi is great jigsaw fun for speed solvers and those looking for an easy puzzle game without all the bells and whistles.


  • A fast game where you can compete for best solving times
  • 3D pieces interlock well anywhere on the playing surface
  • Convenient zoom feature to expand the playing surface
  • Easy to filter for only puzzles with a piece count appropriate to the age/ability of the puzzle solver
  • You can leave comments on the individual puzzles
  • It's free!
  • No feature to see the image you're trying to piece together
  • Limit of four public puzzles per day
  • Puzzles are removed if they are inactive
  • Needs a 'rescue' option when pieces become lost beneath other pieces
  • Only one piece cut is available
Jigidi is a good game for those that enjoy the competitive and community aspect of solving jigsaw puzzles. There aren't many options regarding piece-cut or rotation, but the game plays quickly, making it a good choice for those with a need for speed. In any case, with thousands of new puzzles being created daily, you'll never have a paucity of puzzles to piece together.
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